Google Birthday

Google recently celebrated its tenth birthday. As a search tool and a competitor of firms like Microsoft, Google is becoming the new "800 pond gorilla" of the internet. Google offers tools of all sorts beyond the Search engine though; some useful to all, some useful to a few, and some the subject of investigations by governments of all sizes.

Now Google has not quite reached the point of being all things to all people. For example, Google does not offer Puppy pads that will help people to train their new puppies. Google also doesn't actually walk the puppies after each meal and clean up after them when the puppy misses the puppy pad.

Google does however offer Email services (Gmail) that help people organize their email and gives free email for the folks who don't want to have to pay or might be in a mobile time of life and don't want to be tied down to an email address from a local Internet Service Provider (ISP). Gmail also allows people to set up "Google Groups" where an email can be sent to all the members of the group at once, which can be very convenient and make sure that everyone who needs the information in the email will receive it and not be inadvertently overlooked.

Other Google tools include online word processing, online spreadsheets, and online storage. Google earth is another tool where Google has taken street level and aerial views of cities and towns and addresses all over the world. There are real estate web sites that have used the Google Earth shots to give prospective home buyers and renters a look at the home(s) under consideration as well as looks at the entire neighborhood.

Google Trends has helped online organizations to focus marketing efforts by identifying the most popular search terms and web sites during selected days, weeks, and months. Google Analytics can tell a web site who has been visiting their web site, and show what advertising is getting viewed as well as what other sites might be linking to the original site.

Google has not yet taken over the world, although there have been accusation of it occurring. Yet with all of the tools available to Google and users of the tools, Google has not yet figured out how to use those puppy pads to train the new puppy. If they can ever figure out how to do that, how to get the puppy to use the puppy pad and how to get the puppy fully housebroken, THEN Google will truly be masters of the world

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