Grand Canyon Black Friday Airplane And Helicopter Tour Deals

Everybody knows Black Friday is when all the big stores have fantastic discounts, but did you know you can get good deals that day on other things besides electronics and retail goods? For instance, wouldn't it be great if you could get a big discount on a helicopter tour or airplane tour of the Grand Canyon. You're in luck, because you can.

You'll be able to buy a discounted tour out of Vegas or one that begins in Arizona at the South Rim. It takes about an hour to fly to the Canyon from Vegas, and the tours that take off from Arizona lift off just outside the park at the South Rim. Which rim will you choose? West or South?

Air Tours From Vegas

There are several tours that depart from Vegas, so you're sure to find something that fits your schedule and your budget. You can buy an air-only flyover tour or you can book one that flies into the Canyon and lands on the bottom. All the flights from Vegas follow the same scenic route to the Canyon that takes you over beautiful Lake Mead and the huge Hoover Dam.

If you book a flyover tour, you'll see spectacular views as you fly over the Canyon, but if you want to see the sights up close, you should book a landing tour. One of the landing tours sets down on the Canyon floor where you are treated to a Champagne picnic, and you can even take a boat ride on the Colorado River, which is nearby. Other tours land on top of the rim, which is nice if you want to experience the Skywalk, which is a transparent viewing platform that hangs over the edge of the rim.

You can also take an airplane tour out of Vegas to the West Rim. The airplanes only land on top of the rim, but once you're there, you can transfer to a helicopter if you want to fly to the Canyon floor. You'll follow the same route and see the same sights whether you take a helicopter or airplane tour, the only difference is that the airplanes need to fly at a higher altitude.

Tusayan, Arizona Air Tours

Tusayan is a small town in Arizona that is right outside the gates of the South Rim. If you're starting in Vegas, you can fly to Tusayan to begin your tour, and it only takes about an hour to fly there. You won't find any landing tours at the South Rim because they are not allowed. However, there is still plenty of sightseeing available, in fact, there is a 50-minute flight that lets you see about 75 percent of the entire National Park.

You can take this comprehensive tour by plane or helicopter and it goes from the South Rim to the North Rim, and then over to the eastern park border before circling back. Helicopters carry 6 people per tour while the airplanes carry 19. If you're traveling with a group, an airplane tour may be the best option, plus it is less expensive too.

Get A Great Deal

To get the lowest possible price, book your tour online on Black Friday. This will lock in your seats at the lowest price available. You'll have to actually pay for the tour with your credit card to have your seats held for tour day.

Keep in mind, as winter approaches, the temperatures are getting chilly at the Canyon. Wear a jacket or sweater you can remove if it happens to be warm on your landing tour at the West Rim.

Get Ready For Your Black Friday Tour

Getting your Black Friday discounted tour is easy enough, all you have to do is go online and lock in your tour with your credit card. An air tour of the Canyon is an amazing experience you'll never forget, and it's made even better when you can save big by purchasing your tour on Black Friday.

Grand Canyon expert L. Fallon recommends these Black Friday airplane tour specials along with these helicopter deals:

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