Great Features Of HP LTO 6 - HP LTO 6: An Incredible Data Storage Media

The innovative information technology (IT) Industry today, is like the proverbial rolling stone: constantly changing, dynamic and fluid! This calls for players to give priority to security and retention of data. This is where the HP LTO (Linear Tape-Open) 6 comes in.

This product from Hewlett-Packard (HP) is very reliable, cost-effective and very efficient in energy usage.

Outstanding Features

The LTO generation 6 offers one of the most current tape technologies with the following salient features:-

Tremendous speed - 400 MB/s data transfer rates.

Dynamic functionality - LTFS (Linear Tape File System) makes tape easy to manage.

Reliability - The continuous speed adjustment ability maximizes performance by reducing the need for the On-Off feature.

High storage capability - Up to 6.2 TB (Terabytes) compressed and up to 400 HD movies per cartridge.

The LTO technology comes in very handy when it comes to long-term data archiving and storage. This is especially true when you consider that 95% of data becomes inaccessible after three months, according to Government Computer news.

With the current advancement of data storage in the IT fraternity, more data-compression capacity softwares are being developed; hence, driving the storage cost down.

The LTO compression technology is considered to be "loss-less". This means that where the innate capacity of an LTO-6 tape is 2.5 TB, with compression it is able to archive 6 TB! Such an advantage has a direct impact on the cost per gigabyte and the ultimate bottom-line of the corporation.

Extreme Challenge

HP's (Hewlett Packard) determination to exceed customers' expectation is demonstrated by their willingness to test their cartridge for shock and vibration, even though it is not a requirement for the LTO industry.

This milestone happened in September 2014, when Rainer Zietlow, Marius Biela and Mathius Prillwitz attempted to break a world record; driving from Nordkapp Norway to Cape Agulhas, which is the southernmost point in Africa!

On this Cape-to-Cape voyage, an LTO-6 data cartridge was attached on the roof of a Volkswagen Toureg speeding across Europe and Africa, in a race against time. The challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions would prove the mettle of the LTO cartridge beyond any reasonable doubt.

No special padding was provided to protect the cartridge from elements of nature in this epic journey; apart from a water-proof wrap, procured from a service shop.

The route meandered through 19 countries, namely:- Norway, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Serbia, Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Indeed, embarking on the 9,000 miles drive proved the superiority of the LTO-6 cartridge. At the same time, the perpetuation of a tradition that has seen HP storage media scale Mount Everest, cross the Sahara desert and venture into the deep Venezuelan rain forest.

The future of HP LTO drives looks even better. The capacity to read and write tapes from the current generation and the one before are in-built. At the same time, the drive retains read and write compatibility with other manufacturers of LTO tapes that meet HP format stipulations.

The statement is out loud and clear: no matter what conditions lay ahead, the HP storage media is up to any challenge; guaranteeing both security and easy retrieval of archived data.

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