Guacamole is Surging in Fusion Restaurants All Over the United States

There is absolutely no doubt that our great nation loves a good snack. No matter if you are tailgating at a sporting event, having friends over to celebrate or dining out, guacamole is always around. Millions of avocados are consumed every year and a vast majority of those avocados are used to make this delicious appetizer. You can find this snack in just about every dining establishment, especially Latin fusion restaurants. Who had the brilliant idea of creating this tasty treat and where did it originate?

About 5000- 7000 B.C. in Mexico is when scientists can date avocado trees. It is safe to say these wonderful treats have been around for a very long time. It was not for a while, though, until the Aztecs started making them into a "sauce" in the 16th century. The Aztecs were an indigenous group who populated Mexico for many years. Yes, they thought this was a tasty snack, but the Aztecs also believed guacamole to be an aphrodisiac. It is no wonder it was so popular back in the day! If only the fusion and Mexican restaurant goers knew that today!

Guacamole is naturally high in healthy fats, proteins and vitamins so the Aztecs used it as a super food in order to maintain cardiovascular health. Anyone today will tell you that avocados are some of the best foods you can eat. Although some may think they are a little bland, guacamole is a great solution that allows for a creative spicing up of the food.

There are two days in the United States that boast record breaking avocado sales. These two dates are the Super Bowl and Cinco de Mayo. Avocado sales jump to 30 million on these two dates and for a valid reason! Everyone loves this snack and no matter where you watch the game or celebrate, there is sure to be some guacamole on the menu. Fusion restaurants all over the nation take advantage of record breaking sales for their businesses on Cinco de Mayo, and although a large part of these companies' sales are alcohol, there is still a very high demand for guacamole and other Latin foods that are simple to make and not very expensive for the fusion restaurant owner.

Any way you look at it, guacamole is a delicious treat that is not unhealthy for you! In a world filled with fatty, frozen and processed food, guacamole is a healthy alternative.

Lizz Taylor is a freelance writer who specializes in fusion, guacamole and alcohol.

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