Guidelines For Selecting The Right Color For Your Braces

Braces just like shoes and clothes have become a part of our daily lifestyles. For that reason, picking the right color can be a daunting task; hence, if you have trouble deciding on the right color of dental brace you want, you can benefit from the tips below. Different considerations go into the process, and it might help to approach your orthodontist when you have an idea of what you want.

Using The Color Wheel

Ask your orthodontist if they have a color wheel which contains a list of colors that patients can use for their dental brace. Study the wheel before you get the right one to avoid choosing the colors on the spot. Likewise, check online and look for an interactive color wheel that allows you to put the colors on a picture of a mouth with it. Pick a color that you can use a fashion statement; you can still combine different colors. Look at the various shades and select the most appropriate based on your needs.

Considering Your Skin Complexion

Choose a color/s that match with your natural hair and skin tone. Your hair and skin type will impact directly on the overall appearance of the dental brace. Therefore, go for what works well for you without clashing with your hair and skin type. Green khaki, caramel, petrol blue, royal blue, vermilion, and salmon might look good on light-skinned and hair types. Darker hair and skin types can try orange, pink, turquoise, gold, violet, fuchsia, or dark blue. However, note that color choices depend on individual tastes and preferences.

Pairing With Your Outfits

Go for colors that match the clothes you wear often; if you love primary colors, a dental brace in similar color can be a perfect choice. If you have lots of neon colors, consider buying clear sets. Avoid unsatisfying colors like thick black appear like pieces of food stuck in your teeth; white is a smart choice, but it can make your teeth appear more yellow. You can create a white pearl impression by using dark colors like navy blue or dark purple; they are ideal for offsetting from the natural color of your teeth. Notify the orthodontist about your final color choice and wait to see how the final product comes out.

Practicing Regular Hygiene And Maintenance

Unless you don't keep the dental brace clean, the color won't matter; hence, practice good oral hygiene that includes the teeth, mouth, and your gums. Brush your teeth after every meal; you can carry a portable toothbrush and paste and try to reach all the teeth in the mouth. Flossing is critical in getting between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot access; flossing with a dental brace can be painful, thus, use a threader to get it between your gums. A good mouthwash one daily can help in keeping your mouth fresh and killing harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Consider Changing The Color

Every time you go for tightening, consider changing the colors. It is an excellent opportunity to change a color that you didn't like. Most orthodontic appointments happen after every six to eight weeks.

If you want a consultation with an orthodontist, call us today or visit our website at, and we shall be happy to be a part of your journey to perfect looking braces.

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