Publishing Guidelines

To avoid infringing the author’s copyright and all the negative consequences that can lead to, it’s essential that you play by the rules and follow these guidelines when re-publishing articles from this article directory.

The word publication in the following guidelines, means website (including blog), email (for example, an ezine or email newsletter) or offline publication such as a magazine or printed newsletter.

Articles in our article directory are free for you to publish in your own publication but you must:

  1. Publish the article as-is in full - minor editing, for example for formatting or typographical correction, is acceptable, but you cannot otherwise change the article

  2. Include the author’s resource box at the end of the article in full with any links - including any linked keywords in the HTML resource box - made active so they are fully clickable. For offline publications, you must provide the full URL to the author’s website, as provided in their resource box.

Please note that while you are authorized to re-publish articles in accordance with the above guidelines, copyright ownership remains with the author of the article.