Have You Heard About Colored Lenses Helping Autistic Children?

I recently did some research about bright lights, fluorescent lights and sunlight, that can create problems for some autistic children. I started to read about these colored lens glasses. I had to find out more information and know what they were and what the effect is, by helping autistic children.

I discovered they were lenses that are a form of prism lenses. These type of lenses are useful for individuals who have autism spectrum and are hypersensitive to various kinds of lighting.

I remember when my brother had his disorder, he had a difficult time reading. He told my parents the words were like ants crawling on the page. Printed text with its many colors and color contrasts can be a challenge for people who have autism. Sometimes this will give a hypersensitive reaction.

I learned with my research that these lenses will improve the attention span and reading skills. In addition, they can help reduce the color sensitivities that your child might experience.

Some of the visual problems your child may have is peripheral vision issues, color sensitivity, light hypersensitivity, poor depth perception, and color contrast. This has been identified as Scotopic Sensitivity or Irlen Syndrome.

Autistic children have a common denominator of visual problems, which can cause reading disorders and learning disorders, that is a result from stress and appears in most environments.

Some of the symptoms of the sensitivity are:

* Bright lights, flashing lights, glare, certain kinds of lighting.

* Difficulty in reading, due to the fact that the words seem to vibrate on the pages.

* High contrast of color, may be difficult to see or read.

* To sustain attention and concentration may be a challenge,

* Tunnel vision and other vision problems may be difficult due to what is seen.

* Your child might get migraines and headaches.

Who is the founder and developer of Irlen lens system? Her name is Helen Irlen. She used two methods for helping children with autism.

1. Using colored overlays or transparencies to place over books, documents, and computer screens.

2. To better manage and look at what is surrounds the individual, Helen used tinted glasses to wear.

The reason this method seems to work or have value for some individuals with autism is, the transparencies reduces the stress they often have or feel from reading words and making them stable on the page.

The colored overlays are placed on printed text when reading., They are very simple to use. It has been proven most effective when they are used on a white background.

It has been reported that children with autism, who wear colored lens glasses, feel less stress from light and see better. They are more relaxed, have better motor skills, and experience fewer distortions of perception.

It might be beneficial to consider to do some research and find out if your child is suited for colored lens glasses. Ask your professional health care doctor for information on what he or she thinks would be good for your child. Check it out with your professional, for further advice.

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