Have You Thought About How Important Safety Is For Your Autistic Child?

Your child who has autism should be taken into consideration for proper safety. The importance of having safety for your autistic child needs to be taken very seriously. One of the reasons being, is your child may have a problem with communication skills, how to express himself or herself, get confused with their surroundings and not respond to his or her name when it is spoken.

Some children with autism have sleep disorders, and roam in the home at night and wake the family members, which is disturbing. Your child may have no fear of individuals he or she may not know, which is not always a good choice and can be dangerous.

Every child with autism is unique and different, but each individual requires a safe environment. This can be challenging for your child and you.

I remember when my brother was younger, he would take off without a warning, open the front door, run down the street without stopping, as if he were a wild mustang horse. Our family had to install special locks, and a simple alarm system for the doors and windows. Even though he had autism, by taking this action the safety of my brother was insured.

You may want to purchase alarm items, new locks, or special hooks at a hardware store, electronic stores or lock shops, to insure the safety for child which is important.

Child proofing other areas of your home where there could be danger or a hazard in your home for your child, should be considered. For example: Have you thought about child proofing electric sockets, cupboards, toilets, doors, windows, stairways, fences, gates, patio furniture, swimming pools, attached garages with doors to enter your home, household items used for cleaning, sharp objects, electrical equipment or appliances, tools, etc.

Store or lock any dangerous or hazardous items in a safe secluded area, where your child will not be able to have access. Lock items in a child proof container where they are safe and out of reach. Taking these safety precautions is important for your child and you.

When my brother would decide to wander off for no apparent reason, he was given an identification wrist bracelet and ankle bracelet, which was used for his safety, in case of emergencies. This is another idea you might want to think about for your child.

On the identification bracelet, there should be information that states your child is autistic, his or her name, name of contact person, phone number, another phone number and a small list of things not to do and to do, for the fact your child may react differently if these were not listed. For example: Allergies, bright lights, loud noises, too much confusion and stress, etc.

Do you feel it is important to have safety for your child and do you want to plan ahead to make it happen? Will you as parent(s), caregiver(s), take the time to list areas that may not be safe for you child? Are you willing to make the unsafe areas safe for your child? Are you aware that it could be challenging to make a safe place to live in and function in for your child? These are some of the questions that you need to think about.

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