Head North This Summer to Appleton, Wisconsin

Appleton, Wisconsin is a great little town located in the United States along the Fox River. Europeans made it to Appleton in 1835 and wanted to trade furs with the Native Americans in the area. The White Herron was an inn that was constructed in 1835 by Hippolyte Grignon to house his family and others who were passing through to trade goods. Appleton was officially settled in 1847 but was not incorporated as a village until 1853. The city grew as their local university grew. Lawrence University was founded by Amos Lawrence who provided a lot of the financial backing to get the school up and running as of 1847. Lawrence's father in law, Samuel Appleton, donated $10,000 to help the school get off to a great start despite having never visited Wisconsin! The town very much appreciated his donation and decided to name the newly incorporated city after him in March of 1857.

In 1853, the very first paper mill was constructed in Appleton, Wisconsin. This paper mill was at the forefront of the development of Appleton and eventually led to a power plant being constructed in 1882. This hydroelectric power station was the very first one of its kind ever constructed in the entire United States of America! It powered the Hearthstone House which was the very first residence to ever be powered by such a power plant. You may not have ever heard of Appleton, Wisconsin but this quaint little city has been on the map for quite some time making great progress in our nation. This home was owned by Henry James Rogers who was a paper executive and entrepreneur. The Hearthstone House has since been turned into a museum for people to learn all about the early development of this fine city.

In 1886, Appleton was home to another first for the nation when the very first electric streetcar company successfully opened up shop. Electric lights eventually replaced gas lamps in 1912 and Appleton also had the very first telephone in the entire state! It is very safe to say this little town was making waves in a very positive way.

Although some may disagree, everyone who lives in Appleton, Wisconsin will tell you the Valley Fair Shopping Center was the very first enclosed shopping mall in the entire nation and was opened in 1954. Although most of the structure has since been torn down and rebuilt as the Copps Food Center, one wing still stands and serves as movie theater today.

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