Healthier Menu Options Make For a More Enjoyable Meal

We all know that men typically order steak and women go for salads when they dine out, right? Wrong! Although this may have been true at some point, the times have changed and although women may be a little more calorie conscious than their male counterparts, there are still plenty of men who want to watch what they eat and women who want to splurge when they go out! It all depends on the fusion or fine dining restaurant you visit, too. There has been a recent trend in "farm to table" restaurants that definitely promotes healthier eating. Any establishment can lather on the butter and fry up anything to make it taste like heaven in your mouth, but instead, restaurant owners are gravitating toward healthy eating and fresh ingredients.

With the recent Green Movement in full effect, it seems as though everyone is a little more health conscious these days. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fuel your body with real food that has not been processed to death! You will feel better, look better and you will feel satisfied you skipped the pizza in order to have some fresh veggies. Just because women are typically concerned with their caloric intake does not mean they cannot have options. Any restaurant owner will tell you they strive to have a diverse menu that is appealing to both men and women. They want to make all of their customers happy!

When you have healthy options on your fusion restaurant's menu, this will also make people feel more comfortable. Some men and women do like making changes to the menu items because they do not want to be labeled as "high maintenance" by their dining companions. This is understandable and is why restaurant owners should go out of their way to design a menu that will cater to every diet and every taste.
Even fast food restaurants are beginning to see the light and are adding healthy alternatives to their menus. Although you can safely bet you will rarely find any of these ingredients to be fresh at a fast food chain, at least the caloric intake is nothing compared to the other options.

Wanting to change your life and your diet is something every American should want to do. The United States is known for its wonderful dining options and also for our love for food of all kinds. We should all encourage fusion restaurants and fast food restaurants alike to embark upon a Greener menu!

Lizz Taylor is a freelance writer who enjoys tasting new cuisines.

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