Help Your Child To Thrive In School

Okay it's the start of another school year and even though it's your child who's attending school, there are many things you can do as a parent to help your child thrive in school. Here are some of my ideas, take a look and see which ones would benefit you.

As your child starts school, on of the best things you can do is read to them daily. This allows you to spend some quality time with them and you'll be getting them familiar with the written word. You'll actually be surprised how fast they'll pick up words if you point at the words as you read aloud. Kids can really be like sponges, absorbing everything they are shown.

Let your child see that you enjoy reading and learning as opposed to watching television all day. It's true that you can learn from television programs, it is a passive type of learning and reading is active learning. Learning is something everyone in the family can do and your child just may be a step ahead of his or her classmates because of it.

If you have a child that is already in school, take the time to go over their homework with them to make sure they understand it. Often times the instructions they were given in class weren't very clear. They may need help with a math problem or try reading along with them as they do their other homework and make yourself available if they have questions.

It's always a good idea to set up a specific place in the house for your children to do homework. The kitchen, dining room table, or a desk with a computer for your child to use when they have research to complete. Make sure the area has proper lighting, is quiet, and away from any distractions and of course make sure the television is off.

You should always develop a good relationship with your child's teachers. Make time to meet with them on several occasions and be specific when asking about your child's interest and progress. If you can develop a good relationship with the teacher, the more likely they will be more comfortable giving you an honest assesment of your child's progress and give suggestions about how to help them excel.

It may not seem relevant, but eating meals together as a family can really help your child thrive in school. It's been indicated that preparing and eating meals together as a family can be one of the most important ways to inspire your child to do well in school. They may develop better eating habits, higher self esteem, and build a stronger vocabulary. They may also be less likely to experiment with drugs or alcohol.

Help your child to develop a schedule and make sure they get a good night's rest so they can be fresh and focused in the morning. Getting the proper amount of sleep is essential for good health.

Finally, take the time to talk to your children about their day, paying attention to any abrupt changes in behavior and grades. Make sure that they are not being bullied in school or being influenced by peer pressure. Let them know that you believe in them and that you cherish them.

The world is different today, but helping your child thrive in school isn't difficult when following these tips. Always provide encouragement and provide rewards when they do well. Research has proven that the more involve you are in your child's education, the better they will do.

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