Holiday Wedding Invitations - 5 Inspirational Ideas

From the romance of Valentine's Day to the festivities of the Christmas season, there are many reasons brides plan weddings around popular holidays. Whatever the reason for your holiday-themed ceremony, you'll want to set just the right tone for your guests. Here are five easy-to-incorporate ideas that'll help you create an invite as perfect as the rest of your event.

Pretty as a picture

There's no better way to customize holiday wedding invitations than by using personal photos. For a Christmas wedding, add a photo of you and your loved one smooching under the mistletoe. Is a Halloween wedding in the works? Use a picture of you and your honey nestled in a pumpkin patch.

Online printing specialists make personalizing your photo invite as easy as clicking a mouse. After choosing the perfect invitations, simply upload a pic in a standard file format. Don't get jittery if you're not a computer expert. Most internet invite websites have customer service departments that will help you with all of your questions.

Illustrate your point

Design your holiday wedding invitations using images. A Christmas-themed ceremony invite might feature snowmen, Christmas trees, holiday ornaments, wreaths, or even mistletoe. If your nuptials will take place around Easter time, use designs that include tulips, bunnies, or other springtime themes.

If you or someone you know has artistic genes, custom design an image for your holiday marriage stationery. No Picassos in your family? Invitation printers offer hundreds of designs for every imaginable holiday theme, from Thanksgiving ceremonies to Cinco de Mayo themed events.

Say it with color

Holidays are full of color--whether it's the oranges and browns of Halloween or the red, white, and blue of Independence Day. One of the easiest ways to create festive holiday wedding invitations is to incorporate color into the invite. Imagine soft pastels for an Easter time ceremony or green shades for St. Patrick's Day nuptials. You can add holiday colors to the paper, the font, or the envelope lining. Jazz up holiday wedding invitations with colorful ribbons and ties, too.

Shop like a champ

If you're a plan-ahead kind of girl you can save money by stocking up on holiday wedding invitations up to a year (or more) in advance. Scour online wedding invite printers after holidays for great deals on themed wedding stationery.

Give guests a heads-up

Holidays tend to packed with activities, from summer barbecues to Christmas parties. Send guests a save the date invitation four to six months before the ceremony. This gives guests the opportunity to set aside your special day so they can share it with you. What's more is that since airports, train terminals and hotels tend to fill up over holiday times, it gives guest ample time to set up travel arrangements and accommodations. Save the date invitations can be sent in a conventional paper format or by email.

So whether you're getting hitched on New Year's Eve or exchanging vows at a casual Fourth of July barbecue, get your guests into a festive mood by using holiday wedding invitations.

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