Home Concierge Expert Presents Top 9 Home Maintenance Tips

If you own a home, you will certainly need to care for it well. This will not just make you proud but will also help in preserving the home so that it can serve you for a longer time. Good maintenance will also make your home more valuable, something that you can take advantage of in a number of ways. The problem is that many people find it challenging to maintain their homes well. Yet the home is such an important investment that you cannot take it for granted. Hence maintaining it is not something that you can choose to do or ignore, hence you need to be aware of how you should go about it.

Here are some important measures that will help in maintaining your home in a good condition.

1. Confirm where all important control points are located. These control points include main electrical breakers and plumbing valves. Seek the assistance of a professional if necessary, such as when the blueprint is not available. The benefits far outweigh the expense you will incur.

2. Enhance the safety of the home by making regular checks on the smoke detectors. Ensure that a qualified electrician checks them in case there is an indication of any fault. Position fire extinguishers close to the bedrooms and kitchen and let every person know where you have placed them and how to operate them. In case the home was built earlier than, it may be necessary to find a qualified inspector of dangerous materials to determine whether there are any harmful substances, which may include mold, mildew, paint with lead content, and asbestos.

3. Inspect the home on a regular basis and take note of anything unusual. For instance, do not ignore power flow or the presence of water at an unexpected spot.

4. Have a good understanding of the various components you use at home, including their life expectancy. Do not expect anything to serve you endlessly. As a rough guide, take note of these:
- Paint lasts for about three years
- The carpet may serve you for eight years
- Water heaters usually take between ten and twelve years
- Refrigerators usually last for between twelve and fifteen years
- Electrical wiring can safely serve for between fifteen and twenty years
- The roof may take about twenty years
- The furnace has a maximum lifespan of twenty years
- Plumbing lasts for about twenty five years

5. Take a home insurance policy, which will also give you a cost effective way of maintaining your home, as regular home inspections will be carried out relatively cheaply. The policy is particularly necessary in case the home is old.

6. Have a toolbox that will enable you to make some repairs on your own. The toolbox should include such tools as duct tape, pliers, philips-head and flat-head screwdrivers, hand saw, 3-foot ruler with stright edge, twine, lightweight claw hammer, and electrical outlet tester.

7. Get relevant skills, such as by enrolling in local workshops. You can learn such skills as tightening screws, shutting off plumbing valves, switching off corresponding power breakers when there is fault, cleaning gutters, stopping running toilet, replacing damaging window screens, and replacing tile grout.

8. Call a relevant professional in case there is any need. Do not embark on technical work if you do not have relevant skills. Let the experts do it. You should therefore have relevant contacts handy.

9. Save some money to take care of home maintenance. You will thus not be stuck in case there is need for some urgent repairs.

These measures will help you to keep your home in good condition always

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