Home Concierge Services: Your Most Frequently Questions Answered

Despite its popularity, home concierge services still remain a mystery to a lot of luxury home owners. This article is designed so as to demystify the concept of home concierge services and answer some of the most commonly questions asked.

1. What does a concierge mean?

A concierge is a personal assistant who carries out certain errands on behalf of another person on a temporary basis. The term originated from the French phrase, 'Comte Des Cierges', which means 'the keeper of the candle'. The name comes from the fact that the early assistants used to carry candles for the homeowners. When hotels started offering concierge services, the phrase was turned to 'the keeper of the keys'.

2. Who needs concierge services?

Any person who can not perform some required tasks for one reason or another will benefit from the use of a concierge. In many cases, people are too busy to do all that is required of them, hence an assistant will come in handy. Whether you are employed, have your own business, or are a parent, you can benefit from personal concierge services.

3. Why should I hire a concierge?

There are many valid reasons why you need personal concierge services. If you are too busy, you will not be able to do everything on your own. With the help of a concierge, you will carry out all your duties without actually burning yourself out. You will also save a lot of time. In addition, you will focus on more pressing matters such as managing your business, which will make you more productive.

4. Hiring a concierge will likewise give you the opportunity to create balance in your lifestyle. For instance, you will have the chance to spend quality time with your family, strengthening the bond between you. You will minimize stress in the knowledge that your tasks are well taken care of. Concierge services will help you to create the right balance between your personal life and professional life, making you more productive and fulfilled. In the business arena, outsourcing some of your tasks to a concierge will help you to cut overhead costs, which will in turn enable you to generate more income.

5. What tasks can a concierge help me with?

There are very many things that a personal concierge service can help you with, and these are just meant to give you an idea:

- Setting appointments
- Delivering and receiving mail
- Data entry
- Making reservations
- House cleaning
- Baby sitting
- Pet walking
- Shopping for groceries

As you can see, there are many ways by which concierge services can benefit you. You just need to consider where you need the greatest help in.

6. What about privacy?

Professional concierge services take your privacy very seriously, ensuring that your details and lifestyle remain private.

Scott Lane enjoys managing luxury residential properties. He offers his services through Luxury Home Concierge, a Paradise Valley home concierge service provider. To learn about all his services and download a free "All You Need To Know About Concierge Services" E-Book, please visit Home Concierge Services portal.

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