Hosting As A Niche For Super Affiliates

Today we are going to cover an often overlooked, but very important niche market that most affiliate marketers are not even aware of. A niche market, if you have not come across the term before, refers to specific sections of the overall market that form the basis of an interest group. In simple terms, for example, this could be a niche market for coin collectors with a sub-niche for collectors of American coins.

For the purpose of this article we are going to look at the niche of "website hosting." Now you may not consider website hosting as a unique subject let alone a niche market. It may surprise you to know that as far as super affiliate marketers are concerned, hosting is a highly lucrative product or if you prefer service.

Once again we will not assume anything here as there may be some readers who are unaware of what a Hosting Company actually is. Hosting Companies provide many services, most if not all of them, related to websites and daily online activities and support. There are far too many services to list in this article but here are a few examples.

Domain purchase and registration.

Blog sites and set up.

File transfer protocols.


Domain name server transfers.

Server hosting.

Along with a whole raft of technical services, too many to mention, that enable site owners to stay online. It's fair to say that without Hosting Companies the internet would probably come to a grinding halt. So you can see they are very important.

Consumer demand for hosting services is increasing year on year and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. This is a golden opportunity for affiliate marketers.

This can benefit affiliate marketers in many ways both directly and indirectly. With the internet growing at such a pace, there will be increased demand from new site owners for more product. All of those new sites will need to be hosted somewhere by somebody and who better to accommodate their need than the hosting company.

How may you ask can we benefit as affiliate marketers?

Well, it's quite simple really. All those hosting companies will be competing for the new business and that is where we as affiliate marketers come into our own. Virtually all hosting companies has some kind of affiliate promotion service or scheme, usually with very good commission payments. In fact, hosting companies are so acutely aware of this business opportunity that they positively encourage affiliate marketers to promote their services. The really savvy hosting companies offer all kinds of promotional materials for their affiliates such as banners, video sales pages etc. In some cases even competition style incentives.

With such a competitive market, hosting company standards of service are very high, which is great for the consumer and great also for us affiliates.

So now that we now how big the market is and how great the earning potential is, how do we find the best of the best in this competitive niche market?

Actually it's very easy, the very nature of the industry will help find the best for us. Website hosting is a total service based industry, totally dependent upon satisfied customers. Any hosting company with negative or poor reviews will flounder and be out of business in no time at all. This is great for us because all we really need to do is go online and visit the forums and review sites relating to hosting companies. Any bad behavior or poor customer service will very quickly be seen online.

Equally, the forums or review sites will soon let you know if any positive feedback about a hosting company is worthy of posting online.

There are of course other indicators of a good hosting company e.g.

The better hosting companies offer first class customer service and support.

A good customer support service should be on a 24/7, 365-day basis.

Look for companies that have been in business for a long time.

Companies that interact and regularly keep up to date with their customer base.

You cannot go far wrong if you stick with the big boys of the industry. All of them have good affiliate programs with very good commissions and they are constantly working keeping their customers happy. They aim to be in the premier league of hosting companies and constantly strive to that end.

The following piece of information, or tip if you like, could probably be the best reason why you should incorporate hosting products into your affiliate marketing business. This golden nugget is known as, "Residual Income".

When you sign up to a hosting companies affiliate promotion scheme, don't be swayed by the highest commissions. Instead, look for a hosting company with an affiliate scheme that offers a recurring residual income. What this means is that after the initial client signs up via your affiliate link you will receive your commission. However most clients that sign up for hosting pay for that service as a renewable annual fee.

When the clients renew their annual hosting contract you will receive a percentage of that fee. Now it may not be anywhere as high as the original sign up commission but it will be an income received for no additional work and it will be ongoing every year for as long as that client stays signed up with that hosting company.

Don't underestimate the power of this recurring residual income. Not only will you have this free money but you will hopefully have captured their email details for your list. As well you know your list is your best asset.

There are numerous niche markets out there where you can focus your efforts, but presently the hosting niche has to be in the top tier, possibly even in the top 5.

You now have a few of my Affiliate Marketing success secrets. If you would like to learn some more then just head over to and get them with my compliments.

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