How Artists Can Stay Motivated


Becoming a full-time artist isn't something that happens overnight. Being able to make a living from being an artist takes a lot of time, dedication and motivation. Every artist has experienced bumps along the road an unfortunately many people do give up if things don't seem to be going well. If you want to make it, you have to see things through to the end and have enough motivation to carry your over every bump and hurdle you'll face.

Why are you doing this?

Why are you determined to become a full-time artist? Think about your reasons, keep them in mind and come back to them every single day. Even if you don't manage to get some work done on a certain day, just think about why you're trying to become an artist. Come tomorrow, you'll be packed full of determination and will want to make up for the previous day's lack of work. Reminding yourself of why you're doing something keeps you motivated to carry on doing it.

What are your goals?

What are your ultimate ambitions? Is there a particular gallery you want to see your work in? Do you want to earn a particular amount of money in a year? Do what you do with your reasons for becoming artists and keep these goals in mind, revisiting them every day. You're not going to be motivated to work if you don't constantly remind yourself of the rewards you could earn yourself somewhere down the road. That nice house or luxury holiday isn't going to come to you - you have to make it come to you and thinking about it all the time keeps you motivated to work towards a tangible reward.

Be patient

Every artist has some level of patience. Not only can a good work of art take ages to complete, but as an artist you need to be patient because things don't usually happen overnight. It takes time to achieve any degree of success in all fields, no matter how much effort you're putting in. If you're impatient, you're just going to feel disappointed when things don't happen soon enough and give up. But if you're patient, you're going to understand that success can happen and you appreciate the time you're investing because you know it'll pay off. By remaining patient, you're being headstrong and keeping your eyes on the prize.

Speak to other artists

Network with other artists, whether online or in the real world, and build up strong and useful connections. Be prepared to learn from others and be prepared to pass on what you know to others. Regularly speaking to other like-minded people with similar interests is a great way of keeping motivated. This is because there's a sense of friendly competition and artists like to find out what others are up to. You have to have something to offer, whether it's a work-in-progress or a complete portfolio. Having someone say 'what project are you working on?' is a great way of being motivated. In other words, artists, and their successes, motivate other artists to match or even better their success.

Joanne Perkins is a Berkshire-based artist with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and specialises in painting Berkshire landscapes. She is happy to accept all queries and questions. For more information about Joanne, her work and her current projects visit:

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