How Can You Have Healthy Anger With Your Autistic Child?

You, as parent(s), caregiver(s), and family members get angry with your child who has autism. In addition, your child gets angry with you. Children with the disorder of autism, can provoke anger to individuals, the same way children without the disorder can. You, as supportive individuals must realize there is healthy anger. What is healthy anger?

Healthy anger, is anger without rage, that we separate from our emotions. I always use the phrase "eat cement", to control the rage, and separate my emotions from reality. I feel through my experiences, that sometimes anger, and rage is usually the cause of something in the past.

You as parent(s), caregiver(s), might be in a position, where it is easy to be in anger or rage with your child who has autism. That is no excuse, when you feel you are angry. There is healthy anger. This can be accomplished by finding out why you are angry, what is setting it off. Is it lack of sleep, too much stress, your child is more out-of-control than usual, there are too many appointments to be made, travel destinations, too many changes too quickly, for your child and you to handle at that time, and there could be family issues with siblings, or classmates. The list goes on and on.

After you find the answer of why you are angry, and it is probably justifiable, take the next step, and say to yourself, is this a healthy anger? It is your responsibility, to try and take steps to make the process healthy.

It is an excellent idea to set boundaries so you can eliminate anger by setting limits. Healthy anger for yourself, and for your child with autism can be reduced by boundaries, that are clearly set. Setting boundaries, it will help separate your thoughts and feelings that will enable you to have healthy anger. Boundaries are like fences that are not seen. They will enhance your autistic child, and you as parent(s), or caregiver(s).

Some of the things you want to consider for setting boundaries, for you and your child, to obtain healthy anger is, your physical being, emotional life, information you allow, schoolmates, words people say to you and your child. I have learned, the best way to set boundaries, is, to say and learn to respect the word "no", as a complete sentence.

It is imperative for you, and your child who has the disorder of autism, to set limits in order to have healthy boundaries, and healthy anger. What does limits mean? Limits, are for your child and you, in the relationship of emotional, and intellectual knowledge, of how far you are willing to go with the situation. You must be clear on with communication.

Giving proper communication to your child, understanding the dynamics of your child, and yourself, in time with practice, you will learn how to have anger that is healthy, it will benefit both you and your autistic child.

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