How Did Home Concierge Service Industry Come Into Existence?

The concierge industry is not a new one, something that you can easily deduce when you consider the roots of the term. The word has French connotations, meaning ëthe keeper of the candleí. Nowadays, people rarely use candles except on some special occasions.

However, the home concierge industry is still relatively new, because the earlier instances focused on special groups of people in special places. Nowadays, however, many ordinary people are in need of home concierge services. Consider this: People have a lot of things that they need to do but they do not have enough time to do all of them. Many people are ready to pay other people to assist them in accomplishing their tasks. This has opened the way for home concierge industry and you can take advantage of this to set up your own business.

During the earlier years the concierge used to live in a room in the basement of the apartment being taken care of. The work was often done by middle aged women, who would maintain the house and open the door for the noble people while holding a candle. Remember that electricity was still just a dream of a few misguided individuals!

As industrialization increased, the need for traveling also increased, which in turn created a boom in the hotel industry. This gave birth to hotel concierge service, where people received special treatment to make their stay more comfortable.

When the travelers came back from their journeys, they wanted to have such special treatment in their offices too. The personal concierges would help them with such chores as picking up mail.

With time, people wanted to have such special treatment in their homes as well, opening the doors to the home concierge industry. However, it was still something that just a few people could afford.

As people became busier, taking care of all their chores became more challenging. Both couples and single individuals find it difficult to meet their responsibilities at home. Many of these people are hence looking for other people who they can trust with their home responsibilities.

Although the home concierge industry has not been around for a long time, it is proving quite popular. The ready market has prompted many people to set up their businesses to meet the demand. Although there are still no concrete statistics, there are indications that the home concierge industry is booming in the present world.

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