How Do Men Show Love?

Decoding a guy's action can cause headache for most girls. It is because men are less articulate than women in expressing their feelings in words. If you keep on asking, "How do men show love?" then there are affection detection hints that a guy can't hide.

When you don't get the signals you are looking for, you shouldn't immediately attribute it to some big issue like men's supposed commitment phobia . It is probably more a matter of communication style. Based on studies, men do not depend on words to express their emotion, since there brain is more task-oriented; they are likely to show their feelings through action. Certainly, answering the question, "How do you know a guy loves you?" can't be measured through his words, instead women should pay attention to what he does.

This article will outline some behavioral signs he may not realize he is sending you.

1. He Lends You His Most Beloved Possession

Any guy who's head over heels on you will happily lend his laptop, iPod or his favorite jersey because he sees it as an opportunity to show his feelings for you. He knows it is possible for you to lose the item but he wants to make a sacrifice to show his trust and care for you. His most precious possession is considered as an extension of himself, any girl who watched his guy arranging his collection of action figures or comic books would know that it is part of his identity. So, when he freely lends it to you, in a way, he is also offering himself.

2. He is Open to Having His Picture Taken with You

A typical guy will have a twisted perception with a camera. At one point, he may be rushing to kick a pose. But when having a photo op with the girl he's dating, he can be a bit nervous. It is because a man usually wanted to project being single even though he's involved. So, in the event your dude wraps his arm around your shoulder for a camera shot, he is sending a signal to everyone that he is off the market.

3. He Wants To Keep You Safe

Way back prehistoric times, a cave man's role was to keep his woman inside the cave safe. Although today, he no longer has to defend you against wild animals, his instinct to protect still remains. Don't be surprised when you unwrap a gift full of pepper spray, personal alarms or stun gun, this means that he wanted to keep you safe even when you are apart. His own security reflex are so powerful he ends up giving you self-defense tools and security gadgets. Isn't it more romantic than the usual flowers and chocolates? Besides, men love gadgets. They have trouble understanding why women don't love them as much as they do.

4. When Eating, He Sits Beside You and Shares His Food to You

When going out for the first time, you probably did the whole getting-to-know-each-other where the guy sits across to get a glimpse of your face. But a guy going gaga over you will sit beside you because a close body contact associates connection to both of you. This style is also rooted to men's natural possessive instinct, subconsciously informing others that you are a romantic couple. Sharing his food to you also means that he wants you to experience all pleasurable things he experienced and that includes food.

Let this clues help you decipher how to tell a guy loves you. Like the old adage says, action speaks louder than words.

For more on commitment issues in men, visit our site . The TWMW team is led by Thomas Christopher, a Colorado public speaker.

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