How Do Minecraft Games Help Kids? (Part I)

Minecraft is an opened-world game which is not the same as any other. Actually, kids are placed in a borderless and randomized land with no supplies, objective, or direction. It is up to their creative ability to decide what to act and how to do. They mine resources from the world around them to craft furniture and set up whatever their mind can imagine. For Minecraft, only blocks are limitless.

The kids can discover jungles, forests, mountains, across oceans, and explore dungeons. Terribly, when the night comes, monsters occur, the kids must fend them off or create a shack for protection. All goals and aims are imagined by children. Minecraft is suitable for all ages. It is great for kids who really need help with Flexibility, Focus, Planning, Organization, and Time Management. Let's find them out.

Focus - Getting started, keeping attention and effort to tasks
During the game, the kids have to monitor their hunger and lives to avoid being prey to starvation and monsters prowling in the dark. They must consume food to replenish their health. Food can be gained in many ways like hunting wild animals, baking cakes, or farming. The longer they stay in the Minecraft game, the more troubles will arise.

Keep in mind that Minecraft worlds are randomly generated. Thus, children need to be highly aware of their inventory, health, and surroundings to navigate the vast landscape. Never let the kids pay special attention to relationships with landmarks or directions they begin their adventures. Before crafting some of more complicated items like a map or compass, they depend on the rising and setting of the sun and surrounding biomes to generate their own world.

Flexibility - Adapting and adjusting to change conditions and expectations
To create anything in any Minecraft world, children need to learn how to craft a new item by arranging resources mined on the land to fit crafting recipes of the required items. The matter is they can't explore these recipes till they create that item. This backwards method to object creation rewards creative and institutive kids with weapons, furniture, tools, and many other objects they can use while living in a strange world. The more materials are found, the more items are crafted, allowing the kids to use them with various aims.

The most important aspect Minecraft attracts billions of fans is the randomized environment. With many other games, they contain fixed levels or maps. Nevertheless, the terrain generator of Minecraft gives an infinite and unique world for every one of its games. That is why children can no longer remember level layouts, item locations, or enemy positions, and they have to develop their skills to adapt and improvise the land they put in.

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