How Easier Flappy Bird Plant Is Than Other Flappy Bird Games

With Flappy Bird Game, we often guide our cute bird through thousands of dangerous pipes to enjoy a really great adventure. Have you ever reached the goal, guys? It is not easy for you to complete a game of a kind, right? I think you often fail when going over 5 or 6 pipes. Now, let's get out of the hard games and enjoy a simpler and easier one - Flappy Bird Plant. It is sure that you have enjoyable feelings and love traveling with your bird all over the world when playing this game. It is another game of Flappy Bird, but players feel easy to overcome obstacles.

How Easy Flappy Bird Plant is
The important point makes difference between Flappy Bird Plant and the other Flappy Bird game is obstructions. As you see, many pipes are placed everywhere in others. They are put above and under the bird. That makes it hard to fly over these pipes. Especially, they are arranged closely together. You can meet each of them in just 2 centimeters. But, don't worry about that when enjoying. The journey is more comfortable, and there is no pressure for you anymore.

Look! There is a pipe after each of the far distances. You can guide your bird over the obstacles easily, right? In each pipe, there are 2 deadly plants which often get out of it to catch insects. The players can move their bird above the pipe or under it. But, try not to hit it and those 2 plants, or the adventure will instantly stop.

Get Over Pipes And Plants Wisely
Due to many difficulties and challenges in Flappy Bird, millions of players cannot take their bird to the end of the adventure. However, it is so sad when you lose your chance to explore Flappy Bird Plant. This game is different from others. Gamers can overcome obstructions if they are smart and agile to solve issues quickly and wisely. Come on and aid your bird to get through the pipes and deadly plants in a clever way. You can make far jumps to go ahead.

Keep in mind that the control seems to be a little different from the original version. Tapping makes the bird rise, but you need to be ready for rapid taps at a slower pace in order to increase the vertical height. Actually, the fall pace is much faster than the rising pace. Thus, take this advantage to make a quick maneuver. Flappy Bird Plant is a high-score game, so the farther your bird flies, the better your score will be. Enjoy!

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