How Hallowen is Celebrated in Florence

Halloween, the pagan festival of the Anglo-Saxon, which origin is particularly celebrated in the United States, along with all the Anglo-Saxon countries.

For years, it has also been celebrated in Florence, there is a constant presence of students and young people from countries in northern Europe, the party imposes on all the cities in Italy, inspired by its own customs and symbolism typically from Anglo-Saxon origin. For the evening of Halloween in Florence there are parties and evenings in this ancient Celtic tradition, the most famous nightclubs in Florence organize theme nights for Halloween, where people dress up according to the Anglo-Saxon tradition even the streets are full of characters and costumes dedicated to the dead and the haunted, who parade through the medieval streets of the old town in a fun and lighthearted atmosphere.

The children celebrate Halloween with parties and gatherings wearing masks, where there are treats and gifts that are inspired by the historic event; this is now officially part of the culture of Florence. The night of Halloween, 31st October, is celebrated with more enthusiasm because it coincides with November 1st, Feast of All Saints Catholic tradition, that comes from the fact that for centuries they have chosen this date to replace the one on May 13th.

In the ancient tradition of the Irish Celts, the night of Halloween was celebrated by lighting fires, which men and women danced around disguised with masks, with imagination popular to that time needed to scare off witches. From this ancient custom derives the current tradition where children dress up and knock on every door to houses repeating the phrase ' Trick or treat', which translated in Italian, means ' trick or treat'. The word Halloween derives from Hallows Eve, which translated into Italian means 'the night of All Saints', this is an ancient Christian holiday, which coincides with the other party of the Celtic tradition that was celebrated in Ireland since an even more remote time than the Christian ones. Halloween was very important in the tradition of the Irish party. It was felt by the population that as it occurred just before the arrival of the winter season, the toughest part of the year, and as the result of the adverse weather conditions and the absence of the means, there is a tranquil atmosphere where the population is united together to overcome the difficulties of the adverse climate.

In the Christian tradition November 1st comes from the Roman festival dedicated to all the martyrs, which was originally celebrated on May 13th , after the celebration was moved by Pope Gregory III who extended the meaning, they attributed to the martyrs as well as to all the saints and all the righteous of the world now deceased. The feast of Halloween is characterized by the colour black, which is the typical winter, beside from the orange pumpkins, which instead represents the color of the harvest.

Pumpkins are hollowed, carved and lit by candles, which according to tradition; remain lit all night to ward off malevolent spirits and thus protecting the homes and the homes of those who exhibited the typical Halloween pumpkin.

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