How Information Technology Training Courses Can Lead To Great Careers

As most aspects of today's world rely more and more on technology, the number of people taking information technology training courses continues to rise. With new applications being developed almost daily, the need for those trained in setting up and maintaining systems is at an all-time high. For those who have an interest in computers, what makes them work and how they can be applied to numerous industries and career fields, there are a number of interesting careers that can provide great pay, excellent benefits and a challenge each day.

Computer Forensic Investigator

In many of today's most high-profile crimes, computers have held the key to finding the evidence needed for a conviction. This is the job of a computer forensic investigator, who specializes in searching for and retrieving information from computer hard drives and other parts of computer systems. These investigators are often called upon to testify in court, so having a thorough knowledge of the job is essential. Salaries for these jobs average $64,000 per year, and many schools offer degrees in cyber security, computer forensics or network security.

Mobile App Developer

With everyone today expecting to take care of business wherever they are, the demand for mobile apps is growing by leaps and bounds. Virtually anything can be done through an app that is downloaded to a smartphone, and more apps are being created each day to let people do everything from pay bills online to remotely lock doors and windows at their homes even if they are thousands of miles away. For people who have an interest in programming, taking information technology training courses in programming languages, system architecture and network analysis can lead to a career where the sky is the limit. Most experts state that mobile technology will overtake personal computer use by 2020, meaning the need for mobile app developers will be strong for many years to come. Salaries for these developers can exceed $90,000 annually in some cases, making it a very popular choice in today's job market.

Healthcare Information Technology Specialist

In the modern healthcare system, computers are playing a vital role in most if not all aspects. Everything from a patient's medical records to equipment in the operating room are based on computer technology, so those who are skilled in this area are in high demand by hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Technicians are needed to set-up and repair equipment, while office professionals are needed to manage large databases of online medical records. As more medical records are going electronic, the need for IT professionals who can specialize in creating computer programming for medical billing, coding and cancer registries is growing at a fast pace. Many of these jobs can be had with Associate degrees from community colleges, and salaries can range from $35,000 per year for medical office specialists to over $75,000 annually for medical equipment technicians and medical programmers.

In the highly-competitive job market, having a skill that is in great demand can certainly boost someone to the front of the hiring line in almost any industry. People skilled in various areas of information technology can not only choose from numerous specialties, but can also look forward to new and exciting challenges that may ultimately make a tremendous difference in the lives of others.

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