How LTO 7 Technology Can Help to Preserve Your Data - Necessity of LTO 7 Tape Drive

How LTO 7 Technology Can Help to Preserve Your Data - Features of Seventh Generation Tapes

Necessity Of LTO 7 Tape Drive

The personal data of any company along with its information forms an essential component of their functionality that is necessary for them to survive. It is thus crucial for them to preserve such information in a way that ensures its easy accessibility. Ensuring to backup the data is a strategic move that helps to preserve it in case the original database gets lost due to damage or other reasons. A majority of businesses make use of data tapes for archiving their most vital data, with LTO 7 being among the best selections for saving such invaluable data.

Linear Tape Open is among the most convenient tape-based methods of storing large volumes of data. Being in open format, the tape is compatible with diverse kinds of data-storage devices. A lot of businesses within the storage industry approve the usage of LTO for this cause. A broad range of cartridges and tape drives are available to people in need of achieving enormous storage capacity. The LTO 7 is among at the forefront of providing storage-efficiency to this end.

How LTO Advances Technology

Introduced in year 2000, LTO was the first product-generation of its kind. The LTO generations which followed were presented at 1-year intervals, with each subsequent generation exhibiting higher capacities and transfer rates. Addition of new features with each successive generation also made data-protection a better experience. Since all new productions of LTO are compatible with the previous generation, LTO 7 is capable of reading and writing LTO 5 and LTO 6 cartridges.

Features of Seventh Generation Tapes

LTO tape drives possess the impressive capability of performing multiple readings (WORM) while only writing once. This implies that data cannot be erased, altered or overwritten. Data encoding is yet another essential characteristic of Linear Tape Open that ensures data remains safe while tapes are on transit. LTO 7 allows for compression of data prior to its encryption for purposes of boosting capacity. It also features partitioning capabilities to guarantee efficient control of managing files and space via the LTFS.

The LTO 7 tape drives raise the capacity for storage with uncompressed capacity of 6.4 TB, therefore doubling the 3.2 TB limit available with LTO 6 versions. Their compressed volume sums can achieve levels of 16 TB, which is more than double the maximum of 6.25 TB that LTO 6 tape drives possess.

One can expect having higher capacity for storage along with faster rates of transfer when using the LTO 7 products. It allows users to attain larger amount of storage for smaller volume of space compared to the capacity available with previous LTO generations.

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