How One Amazing Woman Became an Inspiration for Hundreds of People Through Martial Arts

Meet Bree Wise, master instructor at Personal Mastery Martial Arts in Sandy, UT. She is a true example of the spirit of perseverance and of dedication to her personal success and the success of others. She started training in martial arts at Personal Mastery Martial Arts almost 16 years ago, in September of 2000. Since her first TaeKwonDo class in 2000, she has gone on to conquer many personal obstacles and helped hundreds of others do the same. This is her incredible story.

Bree had been introduced to the world of martial arts when she was in elementary school and again in high school, but she had never stuck with and finished a program. When she won a free month of lessons and a uniform with Personal Mastery Martial Arts, she thought it would be a great time to get started again. She wanted to learn self defense, gain confidence, stay in shape, and stay active.

She had always been an active participant in sports while she was in school. She was on the Varsity Basketball team and Varsity Softball team in high school. She had always wanted to get a black belt in martial arts, but had never achieved it and was beginning to think that it was impossible. Before starting at Personal Mastery Martial Arts, Bree struggled with confidence - especially when it came to speaking in front of groups or speaking up at school and work. She said, "I failed my Communications class in college because I didn't want to get up and do my speech for my final. That's how bad it was for me."

When she started training with Personal Mastery Martial Arts her instructors saw in her what she had not yet seen in herself. She said, "They wanted to train me to be an instructor ever since I was a green belt. I kept trying, but I kept quitting. In 2004, I went to Korea and won a bronze medal at a world TaeKwonDo tournament. It was a huge confidence booster for me. When I came back from the tournament I finished the instructor training and I have been teaching martial arts classes ever since."

Now, one of her favorite sayings, and one of the things that she tries to impart to her martial arts students is, "Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't."

Bree says, "Martial arts taught me how to believe in myself and believe that I can do hard things. I still struggle with speaking in front of people, but it gets easier and easier each time I do it. Now, most of my students are surprised to hear that public speaking is hard for me."

In addition to gaining more confidence and overcoming her fear of speaking in front of people, Bree has also seen huge benefits from martial arts in these areas:

- Improved focus and concentration - she has struggled with dyslexia and ADHD from a young age and is now better able to focus on the task at hand and feel more confident in completing whatever that task may be

- Able to maintain physical fitness and recovered quickly from a dislocated shoulder

- More confidence to give input and come up with ideas for projects at work

- Competed on a world platform in 2004 and 2011 in Korea

- Achieved her dream of earning a black belt and has gone well beyond her initial dream - she has a 5th degree master instructor black belt in TaeKwonDo, a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo, and a 2nd degree black belt in Tactical Self Defense

- Has had the opportunity to teach TaeKwonDo classes, Kickboxing fitness classes, tactical self defense classes, martial arts school programs for kids, coached a competition team and demonstration team, guest-taught at other martial arts schools across the country, and is currently the instructor of the black belt class at Personal Mastery Martial Arts

- Has had the opportunity to travel and train with other inspirational master instructors

- Has become an inspiration and example to the hundreds of students who have walked through the doors of Personal Mastery Martial Arts

Master Bree Wise has inspired countless martial arts students and families during her time as an instructor. She has also spent many hours giving back to her community through service - she has taught free martial arts school programs for children, helped raise money for charity for the prevention of child abuse, and so much more.

From all of us at Personal Mastery Martial Arts - thank you Master Wise for continually helping our students learn and grow and for the incredible example you are to them!

Brett Lechtenberg is Utah's top expert on safety. He has trained thousands of people to empower themselves both physically and mentally with his fitness programs at Personal Mastery Martial Arts and iLoveKickboxing-Sandy. Learn more at Brett's websites Sandy Kickboxing Classes and Karate Classes Sandy Utah.

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