How Spray & Airbrush Tanning Works

Spray and airbrush tanning have become the mainstay alternative to the original suntan. As society has become more aware of the damaging effects, both cosmetically and to physical health, new options have emerged to attain that sought after glow. Technology and science has allowed for the creation of safer tanning methods, thus introducing the latest and greatest of those in the spray tan and airbrush tan.

Instead of penetrating the deeper layers of your skin, spray tans focus on your outermost layers saving the skin from permanent UV damage you get from the sun and tanning beds. You still achieve the same look, but without the harmful exposure.

Spray tanning traditionally occurs within a machine run booth, and does not allow for the personal touches that an airbrush tan provides. There are benefits to both options. A spray tan allows you the comfort of being alone with your body while your color is being applied. In an airbrush tan, you will have spray tan artist directly applying the tan to your body, and can pay special attention to certain areas if you specify.

In both instances, the same solution is used to accomplish the tan. Airbrushed tans allow for customization of your tan color, while machines use the same color solution for every client. It may surprise you to know that the tan does not come from a dye. In fact, the active ingredient is called DHA (Dihydroxyaceton), which is actually derived from sugar. Reaction with amino acids in your outermost skin layers cause the skin to naturally darken.

As with a regular tan, when the skin cells wear away the color fades as well. It is for this reason that it is recommended prior to either process that a customer exfoliates their skin just prior to their treatment, and does not use their regular skin products before the tanning session. Any type of product that will act as a barrier between the solution and the skin will lessen the results (and the length) of the spray tan. Customers are also encouraged to heavily moisturize in the few days following receiving a treatment, so that the color is able to set in and the skin layers are moisture filled and not flaky or dry, which will cause quick color fading. In essence, a spray or airbrush tan is very similar to a suntan without the harmful side effects of sunbathing.

Try getting that perfect tan in the East Coast. One the best city to get a spray tan is in NYC. Summer is coming so why not get that healthy glow.

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