How to Avoid and Deal With Pest Invasions

Pests are messy, annoying and usually, harmful. Living in a pest-infested household can be a real pain in the neck, regardless of the nature or size of the pests. The best way to ensure you never have to suffer this headache is to prevent the invasion of pests before it occurs. Fortunately, there are several tactics that you can adopt to ensure you never have to deal with pests such as bedbugs, termites, cockroaches, mice, ants, houseflies and many others.

Keep things clean and dry

Do not encourage pests to make your home their home by enabling conditions that would make a suitable habitat. If you are leaving things like leftover food lying around, dirty clothes and too much clutter in the house, you are allowing pests to find hiding areas and food. Keep the clutter in your home at a minimum, throw away any spoilt food instead of leaving it lying around, store your leftovers in the fridge and just keep all surfaces clean and tidy.

Get a pet

Go to your nearest dog or cat shelter and get yourself a pet. Dogs and cats tend to have this sense of ownership over their keeper's household, and they will not allow any sneaky mice to threaten that. So do yourself a favor-give an abandoned pet a home, and watch the pests run away. This way, everybody wins.

Keep checking for signs of invasion

When pests decide that a certain place would make a good home, they do so quietly. So that by the time you find out there's a colony of termites living in your basement, it's already too late. Pay attention to your house so that you'll know when a pest problem is about to start. Look out for suspicious eggs and droppings lying around the house. Look in the cracks and crevices, those are a pest's favorite hiding places.

And because sometimes regardless of what you do there will always be that resilient bugger that decides to become your roommate forcibly, here's how you deal with a pest problem if it does occur:

Use natural pest elimination methods

Do not rush to use pesticides. These usually do not address the underlying problem. Rather, pesticides focus on the symptoms. There are tried and tested methods of eliminating pests naturally, and these include making use of scents like cinnamon and mint which are known to repel ants, using mouse traps for mice, soaking utensils in soapy water to starve the cockroaches and so on. And if the natural DIY methods fail...

Hire an exterminator

No pest can rival the expertise of a seasoned exterminator, so do not hesitate to get in touch if pest matters at home get out of touch. Do your research well to find out who is most reputable in offering extermination services, and be sure to ask them what options are available for you. The best exterminator is the one who uses methods that are not just effective but safe for you, your household and the environment as a whole.

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