How to Avoid Buying Pets from a Bad Dog Breeder?

Knowing the history of your new puppy will tell you how it is raised and behaved. If you want to have a happy and healthy pet then you should know about its history before purchasing it. If you found a puppy that looks healthy, it doesn't mean that it is. You may be excited about how cuddly your new pet is however you need to understand where it came from to avoid future problems. There can be more problems than house soiling if you buy a dog with a terrible history, you may also be dealing with behavior problems which are difficult to handle.

Here is a list on how to spot and avoid a bad dog breeder so that you will not end up regretting buying your new pet:

1. A breeder that only thinks about pure profit breeds more than their place can handle. Often they overload the cages with animals, further risking health problems. This kind of environment is not fit to produce a dog with a good behavioral pattern and will result in aggression. Avoid breeders who usually offer you a lot of dog breeds as they are more likely to mass-produce and may put the dogs in an unhealthy environment.

If they are good breeders, they spend time and energy on breeding and raising the dogs so they do not haggle with the price of their dogs. Avoid dog breeders who bargain their pets as they just want to dispose the pet to move on to earning more money.

2. Keep your eye out if the dog breeder does not offer you a contract. This probably means that the breeder is not concerned about how you take care of their pets and just want to sell the puppies as quickly as possible.

3. A dog breeder who doesn't have health certificates for their pets is not concerned about the health of their puppies. It also means that their puppies are not vaccinated and will cause more trouble when you buy them. If the puppies haven't visited the vet yet, it means that they may have some health concerns that haven't been addressed and may result to a sickly pet.

4. If you visited a pet store or the facility of the bad dog breeder and it smells dirty then it probably is. A smelly environment may show that the breeder does not frequently clean the area and there may be more bacteria in the vicinity, clearly signifying sickly pets. It can also be due to their dog food, some cheap dog food rots faster than high quality food. If their litters are being fed with cheap food then it will affect their health negatively.

A good dog breeder spends time with their pets cleaning and grooming them. They take care of their puppies and nourish them according to their required diet. A good dog breeder always provides high quality stuff for their pets so that they can sell them for a justified price.

5. Avoid buying pets that have been kept inside the crate for a long period of time. A pet that has been locked in 24/7 will develop a behavioral problem. The dog may show aggression all the time as it has no opportunity to socialize with other pets and humans. It may be difficult to conduct dog training however with patience and knowledge it is possible to change aggressive behavior.

You may also contact a professional dog breeder if you need help in assessing the dog that you are about to bring home so that you will be assured that you pick the right dog for you.

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