How to Avoid Injuries and Medical Problems With Autistic Children

Children with autism need to have a safe home, like any other child would require without autism, to keep them from unnecessary injuries and medical problems. How is this done to avoid injuries and medical problems?

Children with autism seem to be more at risk for parent(s) caregivers to take greater precautions in their home than with other children without the disorder, in order to keep the child safe from having numerous injuries and medical problems.

Keep in mind, that children with autism are curious and want to explore as other children do. The difference is, children with autism, may not comprehend, may make poor judgments, may not have good motor skills, balance, or the understanding of what to expect with their curiosity.

It is imperative for you, to keep sharp scissors, knives, tools, electrical tools, guns, keys, cleaning liquids, poisonous drain cleaners, lead paints, paints, cabinets locked for safety purposes, and perhaps think about having an electric stove instead of gas, so the knobs will not be opened half way for safety and insurance purposes.

In addition, to avoid injuries and medical problems, is is always an excellent plan to cover electric sockets with protectors you can purchase at a local hardware store.

Stairways and stairwells need to be safe from clutter and have railings put on for safety and security. In addition, safety gates will help also.

It is imperative to check your locks on your doors and be sure they are locked when they are in a locked-position and can be opened in the open position. Some individuals with autism have a tendency to run out of their home and could end up in an unsafe place. They do learn how to unlock doors and open doors. It is wise to have your locks placed where the child with autism is unable to reach them. For example, placing the lock-latches higher and having a key that fits and only you know where it is.

Accidents and injuries do happen. Be prepared for accidents and injuries, by acknowledging this and having first aid kits in your home that are always stocked with the necessary supplies for unforeseen circumstances that do happen.

Keep in mind, that some children with autism may do self-injury to themselves. For example, banging their head, gouging their skin, doing damage to their eyes, self-inflicted bites, are just a few. These injuries could become serious and require medical care due to infections.

To avoid injuries and medical problems, keep it simple and safe. Know your individual who has the disorder of autism and the environment that the person is acquainted with. Keep other caregivers, authoritative people who might be in charge at times, updated and informed on what to expect from the individual.

If you want your home to be safe, it does take some time and effort, but by making this effort it avoids injuries and medical problems and you will benefit from the result.

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