How To Choose The Best ITIL Training Providers

As businesses place more emphasis on information technology and the role it plays in their overall success, getting the best training for their employees has become more important than ever. IT departments have realized the role they play in customer service and other areas of business, and therefore have in recent years focused on best practices and service management. One of the ways they do so is through ITIL training, so knowing how to choose the best ITIL training providers has gained even more importance with various companies. But in order to choose the best providers, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration.

Training Experience

The best trainers are generally the ones possessing the most experience. Because IT service management needs have changed substantially over the past decade, businesses need to choose organizations that have adapted to changes and have been able to pass their knowledge on to those companies for which they conduct training sessions. Many companies choose trainers that have 20 or more years experience in the field, which allows them to pass on current knowledge and techniques while still understanding the role previous skills play in many companies.

Who Are Their Clients?

When companies decide which ITIL training providers to use, one factor that has become more important in recent years has been the companies for which they have previously worked. Many companies look to providers that have worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, while others have been willing to use providers that have specialized in working with smaller companies. Some training providers have worked with so many large companies that the number of employees trained has exceeded 25,000.

What Topics Are Their Specialties?

ITIL training has focused on many different areas of information technology and the role they play in keeping companies competitive. In doing so, it has allowed companies to train their employees in many areas that they may otherwise have never done. Some of the most important areas have included Service Design, Service Management, Incident Management, Foundations Bridging, Lifecycle Service Operations, Service Transition and many others.

Training Credentials

Perhaps more so than any other area, the credentials of providers should be carefully examined before making a final decision. Along with their experience, education and references from previous clients, trainers should have also demonstrated an ability to relate well with employees and management of whatever company for which they are working. Many companies, before making a final choice, actually speak to previous clients themselves rather than simply relying on a trainer's word alone. In doing so, insight is sometimes gained that may shed new light on techniques and teaching styles.

How Long Will the Training Last?

Some providers offer sessions that last for a week or more, while others believe they can finish in as little as three days. This often comes down to individual preference of the potential client, along with budget constraints for employee seminars and workshops. Ultimately, each company must decide how much time and effort they want to put into employee education.

For companies that have taken the time to research various ITIL trainers, the results have often been excellent. As companies big and small come to rely more on their IT departments, developing employees with skills in this important area will be more important than ever.

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