How to Choose Your Next Local Search Engine Marketing Consultant?

Is search engine marketing book the right way to improve your ranking? In few words, yes it is.

It is an obvious fact that most of the people who are willing to buy something online usually use Google to find their potential providers. In addition, it has been reported that Google owns around 60% of the organic traffic.

In case you do not know what organic traffic is, it is the natural results that appear on Google if you typed a keyword to look for related information. It is free and you do not have to pay Google for this.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to devote a huge time and energy to do search engine ranking optimization using ethical techniques to achieve good position on Google's first page.

To this goal, you need to target a good company that offers a well explained and an outstanding search engine marketing book.

And the aim of this article is to guide you in your choosing process. So, here are the top 5 powerful factors to check before you decide to purchase your next book.

1. Check their achievements.

It seems to be a clear point to check but around 90% of the beginners overlook one of the most important points. As soon as they see that the owner of this search engine marketing book has a top position on Google's first page for certain keywords, they buy from him.

Stop! Do not hurry and be impressed by an achievement if it does not worth to do. Check first how much these keywords are competitive.

It is not that hard to get the first position of Google's first page, if this keyword is targeted only by few hundreds websites.

To check this properly, insert their target keywords between quotes in Google and see how many other websites are targeting this keyword. If the results are around thousands of websites, then it is fine.

2. Do not overlook their Google's page rank.

You should always learn search engine ranking optimization from somebody who knows what he is talking about. It makes sense, right?

So, never overlook to see their page rank as it is really not unusual to see people online who market themselves as experts with websites that have 0 page rank.

A good page rank would start from 2 and goes till 4. If the author of your next search engine marketing book has a website of page rank higher than 4, I would personally buy from him.

However, do not over value this factor. It is only one among other significant factors. You need to learn how to check site page rank and, to do so, install Google tool bar.

3. Check their domain registration date.

It is a hard fact about online marketing, but it is true that you find companies today with good offers and high discounts and few months later, they are not there anymore.

So, you minimize your risk when you deal with a company that is there since relatively long time.

From my years of experience in dealing with search engine optimization (SEO) consulting, I would say if a company is there for 3-5 years, then it is worthwhile to pass this check.

4. Check their customer service.

This is one of the most overlooked factors that beginners do not consider when they choose their company or consultant.

I did this mistake too and I did not realize that it is extremely important to have a good customer service until I needed it.

A nice trick is to write to them asking some serious and critic questions and see how and when they will reply you.

A good customer service has to offer a reply in no longer than 2 working days.

5. Check other minor factors.

The check list from 1 to 4 is the most significant factors from my point of view. However, there are still some other minor factors that should not be overlooked:

- Check how their website is internally linked and structured.

A proper company or consultant will definitely own a website that is well structured in categories and subcategories. In addition, they will normally use anchor text instead of pictures to link to their internal pages.

- Do they offer a blog where each customer can stop by and drop a question or a comment?

In case yes, it is a bonus for this company. Check this blog to see what others say and what the reply of this consultant is.

- Why do not you ask them to offer you 1 or 2 chapters for free?

Outstanding authors of search engine marketing books have never something to hide. Any way, it should be possible to get at least the table of contents for free.

- Be careful if they tell you that they can "guarantee" a certain position on Google's first page.

You can get a position on Google's first page but no guarantee that you can keep the same position as Google's algorithms are frequently changed and you have to keep yourself up-to-date.

Finally, I would like to close this article by offering you quick hot tips that you find in any popular and respected search engine marketing book:

- Avoid black-hat SEO training: Do not even think to cheat Google.

- Start with free link exchange submission sites.

- Do not overlook these absolutely free to submit search engines and web directories.

Do not overlook the above mentioned factors to be ready to target the best word of mouth marketing SEO book.

Who is not dreaming to get his website seen by thousands of new customers, quickly and easily using search engine ranking optimization? I got position #3 on Google's first page for a very competitive keyword. So, if you are the only visitor to your website, then you can not afford to miss revealing my FREE tips to improve search engine ranking.

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