How To Come Up With Content Ideas

In this post I am going to show you how to come up with content ideas and that it's really not as hard as you may think to come up with an endless list of things to write about!

Have you ever stared at your computer screen and just drawn a blank on what you are going to write about? Believe me you're not the only one and you're not going to be the last by a long shot. Just as writers get writers block, bloggers can quite simply run out of ideas of what they can include as their next big chunk of value to their readers. There are ways of getting around this quite easily and I am going to show you these techniques here. There is more than one type of content you can create and this is what I am going to explore with you, when you have more than one type of content to draw upon, it makes life so many easier and it just clears away those cobwebs in your head.

How To Come Up With Content Ideas - The techniques

Write something entertaining

So sometimes the best way to go is just being downright hilarious! I mean we can't be serious all the time, we've only go so long on this planet, you may as well have a laugh now and again. Now there are different ways you can do this, you can adopt the light hearted rant method, one of which I sometimes go overboard with and this is something you need to consider too. If you wade in and just start going off on one about a particular topic, you will begin to turn people's minds to negative, the key is to make a bit of fun of what it is you are talking about, a bit of "banter" if you will. It's when you get carried away that things can get a bit nasty. Another avenue you can go down here is picking a particularly funny thing that happened to you and telling it in the form of a short story. If you can have the sense of humour to poke a bit of fun at yourself it lets people know you are down to earth and they get to know a little more about the person behind the keyboard, we are human beings and that can sometimes get lost in translation on the internet, you can thank the online trolls and keyboard warriors for this too.

Provide Information

This is the easiest way to really provide specific industry value to your prospects. You can use all of your expertise in generating some great how to's, general tips and tricks or whatever it happens to be. I am a particular fan of this as I believe that knowledge is potential power, it's down to the person reading it to turn it into that power. If you can help people get around a problem they have been having, solve an issue, get great insights, believe me when I say this, they will remember you when they are looking to purchase the product/service you happen to be providing. This is the information age and right now, business is booming! Sites are crying out for content, individuals are crying out for it too, so just dig deep and provide it!

Provide warnings and pitfalls advice

Very often it is when you mess up that you learn the greatest lessons in life, so why not share that with others so that they don't make the same mistakes you did? Your own wisdom cannot be challenged, in a sense that if you did mess up with something, the lesson you have learnt is how to not mess up again with that particular thing. It doesn't mean to say that whatever you recommend doing instead is the be all end all solution, all you are saying is to be wary of something in particular, as you did not have the best experience of it. The less things people have to think about when building a business or a life, the better they will perform.

Draw from other peoples work

Now I am not telling you to go out there and plagiarise other peoples work, no I'm not saying that, what I am merely suggesting is that you can read someone else's work to draw inspiration for other content ideas. You can even refer back to that persons work if need be, you are still providing your own value and people will be more grateful if you point them in the direction of something else that will be of value to them. Sign up to a few people's blogs or e-zine and you will quickly start generating new ideas unique to your blog.

Review a product or service in your industry

A great way of providing value to your readers is providing an honest analysis of a product or service that is regularly used in your industry. When people have this information, they can make an informed decision as to whether they should use it in their business or not. If you are reviewing something you know is good and you even use yourself then try get onto the affiliate programme if they have one. A classic one I have made money from before is Aweber, the email auto responder service. I believe this to be the best service of its kind and I have no qualms about recommending it to anyone wanting to deliver quality content to a list of email subscribers.

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