How to Deal With Party Crashers Without Making a Scene

Sometimes, you cannot avoid the presence of party crashers. They may or may not cause any trouble, but having strangers or uninvited guests at your party may be uncomfortable for you as the party host or for your other guests.

You would want to deal with them yourself, but you need to do so without creating a scene so your guests will not feel threatened or scared. Follow these tips to help you in handling this situation.

Observe the behavior of the party crashers first. Find out through their actions if they are under the influence of liquor, or worse, drugs. Knowing how they act will be essential in handling the situation.

You must be calm when you approach party crashers. Politely introduce yourself as the host of the party. You may want to ask a few male friends to escort you when you do this. Make sure your group does not appear intimidating to avoid further hassle.

Ask them how and from whom they've known about the party. Find out if they were invited by one of your guests. If they were, then politely ask who among your guests invited them. And welcome them and walk away nicely. Perhaps there would be no problem if they were invited by or came with one of your guests.

Depending on how they learned about your party and how they behave and interact with your guests, decide if you would want them to stay or not.

Consider your assessment earlier. If they are intoxicated, aggressive, threatening anyone of your guests, or starting petty troubles, act fast before they make big trouble that can ruin your party.

Discreetly call the police if you feel they will cause a lot of trouble. You do not have to wait for them to be out of control before you call the cops, otherwise your party might be spoiled.

If you want them to leave your party you need to stay calm. Approach them with just enough confidence without being confrontational. You would not want to ignite a fight.

Nicely explain to them that your party is by invitation only and that you would request them to leave. Be firm but still polite.

They may resist a little at first. Usually, party crashers want to have some fun or look for trouble, and might not like your request for them to leave.

With your group, escort them to the door as you continue to explain that the party is private. Again, do this calmly. You would not want your party to end with a fight with you as either the offender or the victim. Being cool and showing sincerity and respect will help the situation stay under control.

Avoid physical contact, as much as possible. However, a firm and friendly hand on the shoulder can help someone stay calm, turn around, and leave.

If they are already making trouble, call the police immediately and be sure they know you are doing so.

Sometimes you cannot avoid troubles in a party, so be sure to orient your DJ for hire on how you would want him to deal with the guests while you deal with the party crashers.

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