How To Determine If You Need The 6kw Portable Air Conditioners

Whether you need the 6kW portable air conditioners or not will depend on several aspects of your home or office. By evaluating every aspect, you'll ensure you're not placing the air conditioner in a room that's too small or too big.

Room Size

The 6kW air conditioner has a specific capacity that would work well in a particular room size. Actually, "6kW" indicates the amount of energy output that the device is capable of producing.

Under normal conditions, cooling a 1 square meter living space would require 0.125 kW. This applies within a room that has an average ceiling height, as well as reasonable insulation. This means, your 6kW air conditioner would efficiently cool a 48 square meter room (a room measuring 6 by 8 meters).

However, various other factors would affect the room size your portable air conditioner can cool efficiently.

Variable Factors

You might still make use of a 6kW air conditioner even with a smaller or larger room, based on certain variable factors:

1. With a heavily shaded room, your device can cool a larger area. This is because the shaded area would be much cooler than an area that isn't shaded; hence, requiring less cooling capacity.

2. The air conditioner would only efficiently cool a smaller room if such a room is exposed to too much sun. Entry of sunlight causes unwanted heating, requiring greater cooling capacity. You can try to counter this challenge by placing shades on your windows.

3. Having more than two regular occupants in the room means that you should have a smaller room, in order for your 6kW air conditioner to work efficiently. This is necessary to ensure comfort for everyone within the room.

4. The air conditioner would only work efficiently in a smaller area, if placed in a kitchen. The cooking activities within this room produce excessive heat that requires much greater capacity to cool down. This would also apply in areas where physical activities are carried out, such as gyms.

Other unexpected factors may influence the size of room that your air conditioner can cool efficiently.

Proper Installation Is Important

Even if you've evaluated all other factors, a 6kW portable a/c would still be insufficient if not properly installed.

Some things to consider when installing include:

- Make sure the a/c is level. This will allow effective functioning of the drainage system.

- Make sure the outlets are well placed.

- Keep lamps and TVs far from your air conditioner. Such devices can affect the thermostat by heating it up and causing it to run longer than necessary.

- Only set the thermostat to a comfortable level. Don't take it much higher than you need.

- Turning the fan speed high on humid days is less beneficial than setting it low. A low fan speed produces slower air movements, which eliminates more humidity.

- When you wish to further spread the cooled air, make use of an extra fan.

By observing all these aspects, you'll easily determine whether the 6kW air conditioner (portable) is the right choice to buy.

Craig Boyle, and his dedicated team at Air Con HQ, offers a wide variety of portable air conditioners. Each air conditioner is specially suited to the challenging Australian climatic conditions. Through his able assistance, you're sure to find the most suitable option.

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