How to Get a Default Removed From Your Credit File

Your credit report could influence whether a company sells you an insurance, hires you for a job, or gives you a loan. So it is very important to be really aware of the information companies see in your credit report.

Negative information expressed in your credit report could negatively impact some important aspects in your life. If you'd like creditors to remove a default from your credit report, the steps you have to make depends on whether the information is correct or not.


Step #1

If the negative information is inaccurate, write a letter to the company which reported the information explaining the mistake and asking the company to get rid of the charge. You have to be specific so it would be easy for the company to identify which information on your credit report you are disputing. It's also important to include back-up information supporting your claim.

Step #2

Write the credit reporting agency which issued the report. Include details and back-up information. This will help them conduct their own investigation. If they could confirm your claim, the erroneous item will be removed.

Step #3

The credit reporting agency will contact you within 30 days regarding the resolution of the dispute. If the credit reporting company or the company that filed the regative report agrees that the information if not accurate, such item will be removed from your credit file.

Step #4

Monitor your credit file over the following year to ensure that the erroneous information does not emerge again. In case it does, call the credit reporting agency and your credit provider again with the information and details of the resolution and then ask that the mistake be immediately removed.


Step #1
If the negative item on your credit file is true, dial the customer service number of the reporting company and speak to a representative.

Step #2 If the negative item is due to a series of missed payments or a one-time missed payment that occured during a specific period of time -- such a an illness of a job loss -- and your credit history with the company is consistently good except for that particular lapsse, request for a one-time goodwill adjustment and to remove the negative information from your credit file.

Step #3
If the negative item is correct and part of a long history of issues with a specific credit card or company, ask the customer service representative ifyou could create a payment plan which includes having the negative information removed from your credit file when you have completed the payment. Make sure that the agreement is put in writing. You need to make the agreed-upon payments in order to get the negative information removed from your credit report.

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