How To Get Your Videos Seen

So you decided to make video marketing a part of your business, whether that be in a big way, or just another avenue to gain a bit more exposure. Whichever one it may be, you will be putting a significant amount of time into your videos, whether you're actually starring yourself in them, or if you are making a video to just gain more exposure for a product. So what this means is that you will want as many people to watch them as humanly possible. This is where people often fall, at the first hurdle. You make a great video and it just doesn't seem to pop up in the You tube search and over a long period of time, it may get a handful of views but nothing more. The problem isn't the video itself, the problem is with the way that it is presented on your You tube channel.

Okay so what can you do to get your videos some decent views? Well you can keep throwing shit at the wall and put as many videos out there as possible, there is always that.. But I think you would like some practical answers?

GoodYoutube Video Title SEO

#1 Like Google, search engine optimisation works with searching for Youtube videos and because of this, you can optimise your video title and straight away you can improve your chances of getting seen in the searches. Write a name for your video that is keyword rich for your niche and industry, using deliberate capitalization of words to highlight your content. You can perform keyword searches using Googles keyword planner.

#2The second tip is to add a colon after your initial keywords and rephrase your title, for example "How To Market On Facebook: The Facebook Ad Plan". This will help you get attention from people by using two different phrases, (but also similar) for the title.

Write An Effective Description

This is such a simple aspect of getting people to watch your videos, but so many people don't put the effort into a strong and captivating description. One great way to get people to push that play button, is to include a short call to action, For example "lose weight now". You could also include your websites URL at the start of your description, which potentially may just be curious enough to check it out, giving you more website hits as well as Youtube Views. Also, when you are writing your description, make sure the most important keyword phrases are near the beginning of your description because the text that is visible on your videos page has more value to the search engines than the hidden text which you have to expand yourself.

Okay so you have taken these tips and applied them to your videos, but having a successful Youtube channel requires more than you posting up a handful of videos, optimising them and just leaving it. To really connect and build a strong following of people, you need to regularly and consistently create more videos each and every week no exception. You will want to aim for a minimum of two videos per week, but to be very honest the more the better, especially at the beginning, you really need to put the effort in to gain traction and it can take time, don't let this put you off.

If you take the time to create as many quality videos as possible and optimise them to achieve maximum exposure, you can take your business to a whole new exciting and profitable level.

Joe Searle is an internet marketing expert and affiliate of the Six Figure Mentors training programme. Online for a year and a half now, he has helped many create their digital lifestyle, could you be next? For more information visit:

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