How To Live in Health God's New Testament Gospel Way: "As A Man Thinks In His Heart, So Is He"

There are probably more controversial opinions in the medical profession than anyplace else. Different doctors and research clinics say different things. And not only this, if you follow what they say, they change what they say every 5 years or so. It's all very confusing. What used to be dangerous is now said to be healthy - what used to be healthy we now need to watch.

There is an old statement I recall seeing: "What used to be compulsory will soon be prohibited." This can be applied to the ever-changing world of medicine.

Be honest: there is no magic cure-all that is going to work for every single one of us every single time. We are all so unique in our bodies and lifestyles and diseases that there is no one absolute.


We all need to get reasonable, regular exercise. I don't run, but I've been doing daily 3-5 mile power walks the past 20+ years. These used to be 15-minute miles. Today they are more 18 minute miles, but with a lot of uphill. Plus I do sit ups and push ups. But point is I stay active, and keep my heart rate up.

We also need to eat well. Too many people have a diet of junk food and fast food, neither of which contribute to health. Plus most of us eat too much. Obesity is almost common today, even among young children. Fruits, vegetables, and essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients are important. "We are what we eat" is a really a good guideline.

Common sense can usually tell you what to do, although not always. The problem is that most people wait until there is a major problem before making changes. By then, the problem may be difficult to cure, or perhaps even too late to cure.


Medical science also tells us that our mindset has a lot to do with our physical bodies. We are inside-out creations. Thoughts and beliefs really do matter a lot. "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he" (Prov 23:7). There have been many studies to show how belief and thinking have changed even terminal situations.

There was a book over 20 years ago that showed how even something as simple as humor and laughter can alter potentially dangerous life situations. The book was Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins. You can Google it, and he's also in Wikipedia.

One article said that people live virtually 'out of control' of very important things in their lives, until something happens (like cancer, etc.) that forces them to take control, or at least seriously listen to advice. Again, at such a time, it's often too late to make necessary changes.


III John 2:3 says, "I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers." In the New Covenant, how does our soul prosper? The ancient Old Covenant Jews only had one choice of how to live life in God: by means of the law. We modern Christians are only given one choice of how we live life in God: by means of the gospel, which I call 'the Constitution of the New Covenant.'

Just as most of the Old Covenant Jews rejected God and refused to live by his law, most New Covenant Christians similarly reject God and refuse to live totally by his gospel. Jesus said that we must, "Repent (of all other beliefs) and believe the gospel" (Mk 1:15, parenthesis added for deeper understanding).

We have so many different spiritual beliefs and opinions today it is beyond comprehension. If you listen to a half-dozen different preachers you can become very confused - and they all claim to preach 'the gospel truth.' We have so many denominations today it's almost ridiculous - with them all claiming to be right, and all disagreeing with each other.

Paul faced this in his day too and referred to '10,000 instructors,' as opposed to 'fathers of the gospel.' He also said, "We should all say the same thing" (I Cor 1:10). There is only one way we can all say the same thing and that is if we are all founded and grounded in pure gospel truth.


III John 2:4, the following verse to III John 2:3 says, "I rejoiced greatly (when I heard of) the truth that is in you, and also that you walk in that truth." This means the gospel truth, that Jesus says we must believe, and that is the only choice God gives us to live by today (although the theology of man and the wisdom of man create innumerable other humanistic choices).

If you really meditate on these verses, you see that health is predicated on what is going on inside of us - in our souls. And also, prosperity of the soul, and a life of health, is linked to gospel truth.

This is why my ministry as The Gospel Coach, as well as other ministries I recommend on occasion, keep people focused exclusively on the pure truth of the gospel. Paul says he was 'separated to the gospel' (Rom 1:1), and we should be too. He also says to continue in the gospel, and if we do the word of God is fulfilled in us (Col 1:23-25). This means to never get off 'The Gospel Road.'

The gospel creates faith in us (Rom 1:16-17). Faith is desperately needed especially if our health has failed and we are in need of healing. Paul says other means of living can make our faith void (Rom 4:14). If you need healing and don't have faith you could be a day late and a dollar short.

In Ephesians, Paul says the gospel fills our heart with the love of God, until we are rooted, grounded, and overflowing in it. In Hebrews he also says that the gospel saturates our hearts with God's grace. These produce a sense of peace and joy in us that can greatly help in fighting external problems and illnesses that we face in life.

The Parable of the Sower, and Paul's words in Galatians 6:7-8 show us when good things (like pure gospel truth) are fed into us, they come out of us and create good in our lives.

If you think about it, each article of 'the armor of God' in Ephesians 6 is actually a different aspect of the New Covenant gospel. If we live in the gospel, we have God's armor protecting us at all times: 24-7.

The gospel produces confidence in God (I John 3:21-23). Any other form of law, or man-made religion creates condemnation (II Cor 3:6). What we need in a time of need is confidence and faith, which is most readily produced by the gospel.

As The Gospel Life Coach, Roger shows how the gospel is the power of God, enabling us to live life better by accident than we ever could on purpose. You will begin to find new coaching videos at: Read regular tweets on Twitter: /TheGospelCoach

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