How To Maintain Your Hardwood Decking

Everybody loves the great outdoors. Enjoying it could be as adventurous and isolating as pitching a tent deep in the forest or as comfortable and accessible as lounging on a backyard deck. For many property owners, like you, building a deck isn't just about having an outdoor space for relaxation. The soothing space is also meant for a bit of fun and entertainment. To your wood deck remains an enhancing and useful feature in your property and does not turn out to be an eyesore, here are some ways to go about maintaining your outdoor space.

First, you need to determine the type of hardwood decking material used before you come up with ways to clean it. Different hardwoods require different maintenance plans. When you know the material you need to care for, you'll be able to preserve the beauty of your wood deck.

The most commonly used decking material in Australia is Merbau, which is an exotic hardwood that can grow as high as 160 feet. It is found in India, the Philippines, Australia, and other Pacific Islands. It is a popular material for an outdoor space because it is rot-resistant, termite-resistant, holds up well against moisture, and is considered 47 percent more stable than red wood oak. Much like the popularity of Spotted Gum flooring, Merbau is also preferred as flooring material by some home owners. However tough and durable this hardwood may be, some easy preventive maintenance is required. You can easily minimise the damage done from frequent foot traffic by placing rugs or mats, and sweeping your Merbau deck to get rid of harsh particles and other debris. Additionally, follow maintenance instructions from the finishing material you used on your deck.

Second, determine the potential elements that may damage your hardwood deck. It could be frequent exposure to harsh sunlight or an unusually high number of pests in your location. To prevent your hardwood deck from losing its colour, you could install outdoor blinds to protect it against harsh sunlight. To ensure against pest infestation, ask your builder about treatments that ward off insects that may rot your hardwood deck.

Finally, do spot checks on your hardwood deck. This will mean inspecting every nook and cranny for cracks, splinters, and fading colour. You'll also want to try a "sound check." Walk on every area and listen for that creaking sound. A wee bit of crack and small creaking sound left unattended today may lead to safety issues in the future. So, perform thorough inspections.

An outdoor space like a hardwood deck provides many opportunities for entertaining friends and bonding with the family. Whether you've had Merbau timber or Spotted Gum installed as your decking material, keep their distinct beauty and ensure their longevity by performing these simple maintenance tips.

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