How To Make The Painting Process More Bearable


As a landscape artist, I spend a lot of my time working on paintings. As much as I enjoy what I do, it's still a job. Working on a painting can take up so much time and effort that it can become a really frustrating process. It's not uncommon for artists to grow impatient and eventually resent their work because it takes up so much of their time and energy. It can be hard seeing a painting through to the end, but there are little things you can do to help you stay focused and make the painting more bearable. If I can get a painting finished, you can too!

Breaking the habit

We're all creatures of habit, but sometimes we can find routine frustrating and boring. It can become so dreary and dull doing the same thing day in, day out. So many people trapped in a routine are screaming out for some sort of change, no matter how small. When you decide to do a painting, you're committing yourself to many, many hours of hard work and concentration. It's important to stay focused and motivated, but when you become frustrated and bored, focus and motivation just fly out of the window.

Change is good

So how do you see a painting through to the end without tearing out your hair? Simply make little changes here and there so that every day isn't the same. These changes could be changes in your routine, or even changes in the way you approach your painting. Changing a little something here and there keeps things fresh and exciting.

Changes in your routine

Whether you stick to a strict routine or you work different hours every week, changes for the better can be made. Walk to work a different way, try a new coffee shop, talk to new people or simply do everyday things at different times and places. These are just some examples of little changes you can make to your routine to keep things interesting and exciting. Even the smallest of changes can make a day different from all others. You can feel much more motivated, focused and excited about your painting simply by making changes.

Changes in your painting

One of the reasons why artists become frustrated at their work is because they can't quite decide what to do with it. Making little changes in the way you approach your painting can help you get back on track. It definitely helps to get some fresh perspective, no matter how far into your painting you are. If you're painting from real life, revisit whatever it is you're painting, if you can. Try to see things differently and notice things you didn't notice before. If you're painting from your imagination, find a new source of inspiration, whether it's a book, a film, or even another painting.

Fresh perspective

It definitely helps to get some fresh perspective. Making changes to your daily routine can help you feel more positively about the painting process that's taking up a lot of time and energy. Making changes to the way you approach your painting can help you appreciate the painting itself a lot more. So the next time you find yourself stuck in a rut, change a few things here and there and you'll find yourself itching to complete your painting!

Joanne Perkins is a Berkshire-based artist with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and specialises in painting Berkshire landscapes. She is happy to accept all queries and questions. For more information about Joanne, her work and her current projects visit:

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