How To Mix People Food Into Yummy Dog Cake Recipes

Dog Cake Recipes and People Food: How to Make Tasty Treats for Everyone

A lot of times, people fear giving their pets people food. Dog cake recipes often include a number of rather bland ingredients that can be considered safe. However, there are some common, delicious human foods that are ok to use. In fact, they are actually quite good to include in moderation. When considering what additional ingredients to add to your dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes, nutrition is key. Below are just a few human ingredients that pose potential health benefits for your furry friends.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is no longer just a favorite treat of many canines. Using peanut butter in your dog cake recipes is a good source of protein and it contains heart-healthy fats like vitamin B, vitamin E and niacin. Typically, it is best to use raw, unsalted peanut butter in your dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes.


Unlike some humans, dogs aren't typically lactose intolerant. Because of this fact, if you want to use savory dog cake recipes, cheese is a great option. Always opt for cheeses low in fat and use a proportionate, if not a little less than a proportionate, amount in all of your dog cake recipes. A good choice for many dogs is cottage cheese due to its low fat content. If you find that your dog is sensitive to cheese, however, you can always use lactose-free cheese if you desire.


Fish is no longer for just your feline friends. Always be sure to use cooked salmon in your dog cake recipes, as raw salmon is not good for dogs. Also, if you're making some homemade dog food recipes, salmon oil or unwanted fish skins are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. These acids maintain your dog's healthy coat and support their immune system.


Pumpkin is another great option for dog cake recipes. Not only does it make a cake more dense and delicious for animals, but it is also a good source of fiber and beta-carotene/vitamin A. If your animal is experiencing digestive issues, it may also be a good idea to sneak some pumpkin into your homemade dog food recipes. The ingredient helps keep the GI tract moving and can therefore help with digestive issues that your pet may be experiencing.

Apple Slices

After trying to get your kids to eat fruit, put your dog next on the list. Apple slices that are used in dog cake recipes can help clean residue off of a dog's teeth and are a good source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C. Be sure that whenever you use apples you eliminate any seeds first, since they can pose a choking hazard for pets.


Especially in the case of older dogs, oatmeal that is included in dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes offers many health benefits for your pet. Oatmeal is a great source of soluble fiber, helping with digestive issues. Additionally, it is a great option for dogs allergic to wheat. Simply be sure to cook this ingredient before giving this to dogs, and keep it plain.

It's no secret that dogs love human food but it is an owner's responsibility to give them food that is at the very least not harmful. Dog cake recipes that incorporate the ingredients listed above go one step further and actually have nutritional benefits for your animals. People food is no longer just for humans, and with the right proportion in your dog cake recipes, your animal will be thanking you for the delicious treats in no time.

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