How To Plan For A Rhinoplasty Procedure

One of the things about cosmetic surgery is that most people assume that it is as easy as it looks. You are in and tomorrow you are out. However any surgical procedure whether for medical reasons or not, is very serious. Therefore it is important to prepare yourself adequately. First on the list of planning for rhinoplasty,is setting apart time. You will have to take some time off. Doctors say you will need a week or two because of the swelling and bruising. The splint is ready to be taken off after ten days. Everybody recovers differently so do not assume that what worked for another will work for you.

Swelling and bruising

You cannot run away from the swelling and bruising but you can control it. You can do this by minimizing your activity and always keeping your head elevated. Your head must be kept elevated so as to minimize pressure on the nose. For those who put on spectacles, you will have to put them down for the first four weeks. For the first ten days your heart rate should not go beyond a hundred. This means that you will not be exercising for a whole month. If your heart rate goes above a hundred then the swelling, bleeding and bruising will increase. The region around your eyes will be swollen and for that you can apply ice gel in the area or hold an ice pack over it. Several homeopathic remedies are recommended to quicken your recovery such as Montana, Bromelain and Arnica. You can also supplement with vitamins.

Set aside 12 months

For the first two weeks the significant swelling will die down and in six weeks residual swelling follows suit but for proper recovery, a longer time period is required and that is twelve months. This is especially true for the tip of the nose. Not many patients understand this especially because post-surgery visits still reveal a nose that is asymmetric, however this all normal. The pain will be manageable. Stuffiness and discomfort are the order of the day during the first week of recovery. You can clean the nostrils to ensure that your nasal airway is clean.

"What happens during my first visit after surgery"

This is the time when the splints both internal and external are removed. It is recommended that you take some valium or recommended pain killer before this visit. This is because as much as taking the external splint isn't painful, the internal one is. Ensure that you have someone else vas your designated driver. As for the swelling, salt water solution should help swell it down.

"How long before am back to normal"

It might take upto 12 months for your nose to go back to normal but another factor is that how you heal is 90% dependent on your genes. The rest depends on the surgeon's skills and expertise. You also need to follow all the advice given by your doctor.

Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli is a well-known name in the field of plastic surgery. This is because he has had years to be able to practice his art, and is always traveling around the world for medical conventions in a bid to learn more about current and emerging trends in cosmetic surgery.

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