How To Play Candy Crush The Right Way

Candy crush saga, the game by king is one of the most popular online games right now. It is really rare not to see someone playing it. As a result, I wanted to check out this online game and what is it all about. It really got me hooked. As a beginner, I had many in game questions, surprisingly enough, many of my friends didn`t have a clew on how to play this game the right way so I decided to write something about it. Here are some basics you need to know in order to play candy crush the right way.

Get to know the user interface:

This is one of the most important, yet discarded aspects of the game or any other online game. Before starting to play, you must know each and every button on the screen in front of you and what they do so that you have a full control of the game.

Get to know the game board:

After you click the level play button, you will be confronted with the game board. Each level hosts a different board shape and some may be divided into more boards. The board may contain deadly zones for levels like ingredient levels. A divided board will have a specific pattern where the candies move from one piece of the board to the other. Study the board carefully before playing the level.

Get to know the candies and their combinations:

This game is all about candies and how to create special candies and combine them. If players do not know the different kinds of candies and the results of combing them, I highly doubt that they would be able to progress in the game. Special candies are formed by matching more than 3 candies. Matching 4 candies in a row will make a striped candy ( vertical or horizontal). Matching 5 candies in a row will create a color bonbon, in "L" or "T" shape will result in a wrapped candy and so on. One other essential thing is to know how to combine these candies and what effect they may have.

Get to know the boosters and the blockers:

Boosters are what makes our candy crush game easier. Using boosters will help a lot on some levels. Playing the daily prize wheel will give you a booster. Another way to get a booster is the candy crush shop where you can buy them for real cash. At the beginning of each level, you will be shown a list of the boosters that you have and which ones you can use. Each booster has a different effect so be sure to know all about them. Blockers are what make candy crush levels hard. You need to know each blocker and how to get rid of it. You will be introduced to new blockers as you progress in the game.

Candy crush is not just a game where you swipe candies. While players sometimes need a lot of luck to pass levels, they need to focus and plan their moves beforehand. It is also important not to just make the moves that the game suggest as they, most of the times, tend to be useless.

In the end, I wish you all the Best playing candy crush and Happy Crushing!

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