How To Save Money On Web Hosting. Cost Cutting For Small Businesses.

Are you looking out to cut costs for web hosting expenses? Many business owners feel shy to deal with this issue, lest, they be perceived as stingy or financially unstable, but the truth is that those who save money are the most successful. Wasteful expenditure on things which are not needed can surely be cut down and can be a great way to cut costs. This article deals with how you can save money on your web hosting account and allied services.

Downgrade Your Plan

The simplest way to save money on your web hosting is to cut down on the space you require. Many times, companies and web designers over-estimate the space required and end up getting saddled with excess space, which is not required. This can become quite expensive, considering that it is not being used at all. For example, one of our clients wanted to setup their own billing system. Their software developer estimated that they would need 80 GB space initially. We understood that it was exaggerated and unjustified, hence we recommended that the client start off with a smaller plan at first and upgrade as they need it. The client took up a 5 GB plan and till today, they don't regret that decision. They are not using more than 800 MB of space and their complete software has still not taken shape, since 3 years. If they would have spent that money on this account, they would have regretted it and may have even scrapped the idea all together.

Use Your Space Wisely

Some people stuff their web hosting account with junk files and backups which are never going to be used. Some web hosts have a policy that prevents you from using your hosting account as a backup, but those who allow you to do so, know that you are going to exhaust your space by doing this. One of our clients had kept an entire folder filled with their promo and advertising videos on their hosting account. The folder consumed 10 GB out of their 20 GB account. When their account space was exhausted they had to upgrade. If only they had realized in time that they could simply clear the video files, they would have saved a lot of money.

Upgrade To An Unlimited Plan

Sometimes, if your space requirement is really large, then you may want to consider upgrading to an unlimited hosting plan, which will allow you to consume web space without setting any mental limits. Although this may not always be the right option, you may end up saving considerable amount of money with such plans.

Optimize Your Usage

Compressing files, optimizing images, minifying code can drastically reduce storage space usage in your account. What can be achieved with pages of code can also be optimized in most cases, shrinking the code down to a couple of lines, without losing functionality and security. Making small optimizations can go a long way, besides many files may get compressed to 10 or 15 times their size, giving you some extra space which you may need.

Cut-out Related Expenses

Add-ons like security scans, automated backups, monthly web editor subscriptions can all eat into your budget. Most of these things are unnecessary and can easily be substituted by simpler alternatives. For example, automated alerts and backup services can be substituted by inhouse or manual processes, which may involve only a one time cost. Taking manual backups will also help you to monitor your account and also keep a check on the backup integrity.

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