How To Select The Right 4.5kw Portable Air Conditioners

Like any product you wish to buy, you must check as many aspects as possible before making a decision on the right 4.5kW portable air conditioners. Just because a product has numerous extra features doesn't mean it would be the best choice.

What Are The Unit Dimensions?

One of the key features of a portable unit its light weight and compact size. Hence, if this is an important consideration for you, you can easily compare various options to find the lightest and most compact one.

Of course, size and weight might not be important to you if you just intend to place the unit in one place.

When looking at the dimensions, you should also think of the particular space within which you'll place your unit. If you buy one that's too big, you might not have enough space to install it. You might end up installing it in a poor manner. This would affect efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Although you won't need to renovate your house when installing the unit, you might have to reorganize the furniture instead. Try setting up a good layout that would allow sufficient space for your portable unit to properly circulate air around your house.

Is It Energy Efficient?

To determine the energy efficiency, you can simply check the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). You can get a clearer picture of what the EER means when you also consider the BTU (British Thermal Units).

The BTU indicates the amount of heat removed from a room within a one-hour period. Using both EER and BTU, you'll determine the amount of energy your unit uses.

You'll simply divide the BTU by EER and the results would reveal the watts consumed. Hence, your unit would consume 889 watts if it has an EER of 9 and 8,000 BTUs.

How Much Noise Does It Produce?

Noise is an important consideration, especially if you'll install the unit in your bedroom. Yes, it might create the perfect temperature that lulls you to sleep, but would the noise keep you from actually sleeping?

If you often have problems sleeping, this should be a big concern.

It may also be a challenge even at work. Trying to concentrate in the midst of some loud, repetitive humming sound is sure to distract and irritate you.

To figure out the noise output, check the decibel level. 60 decibels reflects the kind of sound you would hear from a nearby normal conversation. 45 decibels would equate to the sound of a whispered conversation.

However, the actual sound you hear would depend on much more than the unit's decibel level. The acoustic features within your home can accentuate or dampen such sounds. Hence, you might end up hearing a louder than expected sound, just because your room enhances it.

What's The Price?

Once you evaluate all product features, you can then consider how much money you're willing to part with.

Price is often, but not necessarily, tied to quality. At times, the price might be high simply because a product has some additional features.

Remember, you can always plan to buy later when you have enough money, instead of settling for a less desirable option just because you don't have enough money to pay for your choice product.

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