How To Stop Pests From Destroying Your Home

Household pests are a problem for quite a few homeowners. Pests can harm your property and can also transmit disease. If your home is infested with pests, it's essential to handle it quickly. Continue reading to get advice about pest control.

Do you have a recurring issue with fruit flies? Your drain could be causing your pest problem. Try taping some saran wrap over your drain for a day or two and watch if fruit flies pop up. If the flies do appear, pour boiling water down the drain and scrub it clean. This should rid your drains of fruit flies.

If you recycle every week, be sure to rinse out the bins thoroughly. Many items like soda cans have sugar in them. Try to get out all the soda so you don't add the container to your trash filled with a substance that will draw bugs.

If all else fails, you can turn to an electronic device to get rid of pests. These tiny devices plug into room outlets where they emit a sound that chases rodents away. Although they are audible to humans, they are not harmful to humans or pets in anyway. Rodents dislike the noise a lot, and won't stay near it.

Eliminate mosquito habitat to eliminate mosquitoes. Drain any water that's just standing around. Mosquitoes are known to live near water sources.

Watch out for mice around a stored camper or travel trailer. Natural repellents exist that can keep them at bay, however. Small bags of the repellents smell nice and are not poisonous, but will prevent mice from invading your RV or camper.

If you notice a hole in your floor or walls that looks like is made by a mouse, you should stuff the hole with a little bit of steel wool. They will die after trying to eat into the steel wool. Spackle your holes with wood putty mixed with small bits of steel wool to help keep rodents out.

If you want to keep bugs and other pests from your food, be careful how you're storing it. Plastic and glass containers are the best way to go as long as they have a tight fitting lid. Don't use paper or cardboard, as pests can chew right through those.

You want to ensure your foundation and walls are without cracks. Cracks naturally surface over time in every house. Pests can wiggle through these entry points and go inside. Check out the ceiling, too. The small cracks they form are usable by pests.

When utilizing pesticides, be sure to follow the instructions on the package. Although you may believe that applying more of the product will yield greater results, it simply is not true. All you will be doing is endangering your family's health.

There are a lot of different ways you can get rid of pests. Use this article's advice and see which technique is most effective for the pests you have. If you are unable to resolve your pest problems on your own, don't hesitate to contact a professional for assistance. Don't allow pests to invade your home and take over.

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