How To Store Your Canoe In The Garage

Your canoe works very hard for you pretty much all season long, so be sure that the means of canoe storage you ultimately choose will continue to keep it in excellent condition. How you put up your canoe in between runs and through the wintertime layoff will always make a big difference in the amount of time it will last. Really good storage approaches will also get out on water again swifter when you find yourself eager to fish, or simply just relish a day of paddling.

Canoe Storage Is It Best Inside?

There are various types of canoe storage that operate fine. Always keeping it indoors is the best so lengthened icy weather or wildlife are not able to destroy it. This is also true with regards to wood or metal canoes. Space is a problem for lots of canoe owners who want to have their canoes indoors. That makes overhead garage storage a brilliant way to keep their canoe safe without using up valuable space on the floor.

Getting a canoe up high enough to help make the greatest use of the remaining garage area regarding some other storage, or for the household automobile can be a difficulty. With regard to small sized single person or two seat canoes, simply picking it up and putting it on the correct type hooks on a wall or even on the ceiling is simple enough. On the other hand, larger sized canoes are far too hefty to simply lift overhead. To store a big canoe overhead it is advisable to put in a collection of pulleys. Using a pulley system takes all the weight off of you when you lift it up to the ceiling, and the ends of the pulley ropes can be secured to a wall cleat to keep the canoe in place.

Twin Canoe Storage

Depending upon the configuration of your garage, you can place a single canoe in almost any spot on the ceiling. To help make the most of your space should you have several canoes you will need to plan better. Suspending canoes from side to side will usually offer you a lot more canoe space and allow for a number of canoes to be suspended alongside each other.

Regarding garage owners who may have big entry doors that move up onto the ceiling area a canoe can be hung on the wall side in between the edge of the ceiling and the door tracks. If you have more than one canoe and want to hang both of them in a garage that only has enough ceiling space for a solitary canoe hang them together. This also works for two canoes in a garage which has a garage door that takes up a lot of the available ceiling space at the center. Just suspend one canoe directly under the other utilizing a ladder style rope sling on each end.

One final note about hanging your canoe: ensure that you tie it off well. Anchor the rope end with several turns around the cleat on the wall, and finish it off using a half-hitch to help you secure it in place. A bad tie off will probably harm your canoe, together with anything beneath it. Using the very simple rope, pulley and cleat system helps you use your garage for simple canoe storage that will keep it in superb condition for years to come

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