How To Take Care Of Your Dental Braces

Learning how to care for your dental braces takes time especially for first-time users. Caring for them is not hard since you only need to make minor adjustments in your routine oral health care and hygiene practices. Remember that these fixtures are not as bad as some people tend to think and it's no wonder many people across the world wear them. Although they may feel odd at first, you will get used to having them and build your confidence in the process. It is important to know what your orthodontist plans to do which must be in sync with your expectations.

Cleaning And Caring For A Dental Brace

When cleaning, clean between the brackets or under the wires with a recommended brush to remove plaque. Some orthodontists can suggest the use of a little chewy tablet to show you the exact location of the plaque but only use the tablets after brushing and flossing to identify leftover plaque. Water- based floss can help in flushing out any dirt from the wires; use the string to push under the wires and between the brackets and floss every tooth. Depending on the type you have, ask your dentist for super floss which is stronger in cleaning around it.

Drinking And Eating With A Dental Brace

Make sure you consume easily chewable foods when you get a dental brace for the first time since hard foods like candies, apples, or raw carrots can break it, and the pieces get stuck behind the wire. Getting them out can be a real painful experience for some users. Include soup, ice cream, milkshakes, mashed potatoes, and applesauce in your diet. Avoid chewing your fingernails, pencils, and nuts unless you slice them into small bite sizes. Any foods that are sticky like gummy bears, taffy, peanut butter, or caramel get stuck in the dental brace and can pull off the wires; hence, avoid such. Minimize your intake of sugary foods. Plaque-forming bacteria thrive where there is sugar; hence, make sure you brush and floss after consuming drinks and foods with high sugar content. Consider asking your dentist for sugar-neutralizing toothpaste.

Living With The Dental Brace

Ensure proper lip care since they are prone to dryness the first time you wear a dental brace, however much you apply lip balm. Keep using the ointment for as long as you have the orthodontic device; you can carry it in your bag or keep it in your locker for easy access. If you want to improve your smile, wear a specialized headgear even though it may not be attractive. Try drawing attention from the orthodontic device to other facial features by wearing an elegant hairstyle, necklace, or earrings. You can also invest in fancy sunglasses or get a stylish haircut.

Although doing all these may look too much and sometimes unsightly, but in the long run, it will give you well-groomed and amazing dental formula. Bear in mind that the primary goal you want to achieve is to get a healthy and happy smile. Therefore, never be ashamed of your dental brace since it's not permanent, it will be taken off some day and give you perfect, healthy, and straight teeth.

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