How To Think Like The 1%

If you want success, in anything in life, you have to think like the 1%, but what does that even mean?

Well let's look at the percentages of people who don't ever achieve their goals in life, these are people who go through the days with no real direction, they let the day run them, rather than the other way around. As a business owner you can't afford to do that and if you already run your own offline business then you will understand exactly what I am saying, you need to be proactive in all of your efforts every day, every action has a reaction and you need to ensure that every action you take, is getting you closer to your goal. Many people in the rat race simply live life pay check to pay check, day by day living for the weekend, the 1% realize that there is something they are working for which is beyond themselves, they have a burning desire and that carries them forward every single day.

Choose your mindset

You are the one who has control of your attitude and your emotions, so you have the ability to choose the mind-set you adopt and the words you choose as well. For example you have the ability to take out any negative words from your vocabulary which in turn massively improves your attitude. In business, it is all about the attitude you have developed towards hard work, slip ups and unforeseen events and how you take them.

Be pigheadedly determined

You must have pig-headed determination in any endeavour to be truly successful, it is no different in business. You need to be so determined that nothing else matters, you see the goal, you work for it and let nothing stop you. When things crop up that make life difficult, you need to think outside the box for solutions and new ideas, business needs innovation and the determination of an individual will breed innovation to get around any stumbling blocks, don't try to get over them or through them, just go around them.

Build Strong relationships

Good relationships are part of the foundations of a successful business, relationships with the clients, relationships with staff etc. You should take the time to build these carefully and on trust, when people fully trust you, they will help you in your journey and if they are potential customers they will buy from you! Entrepreneurs are adept at growing these relationships over time and making them last in the long run, you should strive to do the same thing.

Know your businesses health metrics

You need to understand exactly what makes your business function effectively, for example running an internet business requires me to create great content, provide excellent service and value and to be as personal as I can be. With the internet being a very impersonal experience for someone buying services or products, it pays to put that personal touch into your business to gain that trust. These 3 core aspects ensure that my business runs efficiently and effectively. You will need to know exactly the same thing or you are going to sink and fast.

So these are some of keys to thinking like the 1% and making a difference in the world, if you have any other suggestions its always great to hear!

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