How You Can Benefit From Braces Treatment

A beautiful smile is a definite plus to your appearance and it makes it easier for you to interact with others as it gives you the confidence that you need. If you have crooked teeth, you can opt to have them straightened. You will then be able to enjoy the many benefits that come with having straight teeth.

Once your teeth get properly aligned, you will easily be able to clean them which will keep you from experiencing oral diseases. If you feel that wearing braces will be an inconvenience, you need to consider the fact that the results you will get from the treatment will be worth any trouble you will have to go through.

What Are Braces Made From?

Braces are made from brackets which are attached to the surface of the tooth. A bracket has a slot where the wire can through. The wing holds the wire onto the slot by use of a rubber band while the base is where the bracket is attached to the tooth.

A band is normally used at the back surface of the molars and sometimes the premolars. The band is attached to the tooth in the same way as a bracket. However, instead of the wire running through a slot as with a bracket, the wire runs through a tube in the band that is on the molars. This tube provides the required support to the braces to strengthen them and ensure they do not break.

How Do Braces Cause The Teeth To Move?

When you have your braces fixed onto your teeth, the orthodontist will ensure that the wire is tight enough. This causes the brackets to apply pressure on the root of the tooth which enables the tooth to move. In the process, the bone of the tooth gets modified, whereby the bone that is right next to the tooth is removed allowing faster tooth movement.

In the beginning, your orthodontist may decide to use a flexible wire in order to give the bone enough time to adjust to the pressure. The bone then gives way to the gentle pressure from the braces and the orthodontist can then use wires that are less flexible. At this point the teeth move at a faster pace and you will be required to see your orthodontist more often.

Keeping Your Treatment On Track

There are many factors that will determine the length of treatment when using braces. You will need to carefully follow your orthodontist's instructions so that your treatment can move as per schedule. You should not eat hard foods as they will apply unnecessary pressure on the teeth. In addition, the braces can break which will end up increasing the length of your treatment period.

If you are required to wear bands, then you should follow the orthodontist's instructions or else your treatment will be longer. You should also never miss an appointment as this interferes with the progress of your treatment.

When To Visit The Orthodontist

Treatment for crooked teeth is available for children, teenagers and even adults. In case you have children, it is best to take them to the orthodontist from the age of seven. You can however take your child to the orthodontist as soon as you realize they have crooked teeth.

Dr Nino Gullotta has been an orthodontist for over thirty years and is passionate about giving clients a great smile. He is highly skilled in the use of braces to straighten misaligned teeth. For more information, please visit the website Gullotta Orthodontics.

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