How You Can Benefit From The Use Of Metal Braces

You can have your teeth straightened through different methods depending on the condition of your teeth. If the teeth are not severely out of line, the orthodontist can recommend that you use removable retainers. You may also be required to use braces and the good news is that there are various types of braces that are available.

Metal braces are very common and they are effective in straightening teeth. They are also the least costly form of braces. The braces have been enhanced over the years and you can now get metal braces that are smaller and much more comfortable.

How Braces Move Teeth

When your orthodontist fixes the metal braces onto your teeth, pressure will be placed on your teeth which will cause them to move. The braces are made up of brackets, arch wires and rubber bands. Brackets are small metal squares that are attached to your teeth by use of special dental glue. The arch wire is a thin wire that is made of stainless steel which joins the brackets together.

Your body temperature causes the arch wire to stiffen which allows it to maintain its shape. When the wire is tightened, it applies pressure to the teeth so that they align to the shape of the wire. The rubber bands hold the wire to the brackets in order to apply additional pressure to the teeth in a certain direction. They can be tied between the upper and lower teeth to align them properly.

Benefits Of Metal Braces

Metal braces are quite popular due to the strength of metal which means that the chances of your treatment getting interrupted due to broken braces are very low. Metal braces are also able to effectively address a wide variety of orthodontic conditions. They are the most affordable treatment option for misaligned teeth and you will get value for your money.

In case you are self conscious about how you will look with the metal braces on, you can opt to have them attached at the back surfaces of your teeth. This option will however cost you more than when the braces are attached at the front of the teeth. You can also decide to use the self ligating braces which do not require the use of metal ties or rubber bands to hold the wire to the brackets. These braces are more comfortable yet you will not lose out on the effectiveness of the treatment.

Making The Best Of Metal Braces

If you would like to spice up your look with metal braces, you can decide to use a golden color on the braces to make them look more like jewelry. You will also be able to select the color of rubber bands that you like. You can decide to go with darker colors and brighter ones depending on your preference. Your dental appointments will not take long since your orthodontist can quickly adjust the wires and replace the rubber bands to give the required pressure. Your treatment will also remain on track throughout the treatment since the braces are fixed and you therefore do not have to keep removing and wearing them back on.

Dr Nino Gullotta is an orthodontist that has over thirty years of experience in providing orthodontic care to patients. He is highly skilled in the use of metal braces in treating a variety of conditions. For more details, please visit Gullotta Orthodontics official website .

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